inner growth word of the day

Inner Growth Word of The Day

The Inner Growth Word of The Day project is a way to share a daily dose of inspiration aimed at helping you talk about and explore inner growth by linking a word a day to inner growth so that you may pursue your highest potential.


With a new year ahead I have a special project in mind πŸ™‚Β  As may be obvious, but still worth saying, this blog exists so that it may inspire you and help you with inner growth, harmony and balance, happiness from within, and everything that will allow you to reach your highest potential as the beautiful being you are.

Having noticed the desire of so many to pursue inner growth and the lack of information out there, I want to do more to get the conversation going while sharing helpful information and actionable steps that you can take.

Since I know you don’t have all the time in the world to read long blog posts and because I think having a daily inner growth topic to explore as the day goes by might be nice and inspiring, I had the idea of creating an inner growth word of the day entry.

So, I’ll be writing a small bit on a word and connecting it to inner growth.Β  Each word will have various components to it, such as definition (from different dictionaries and not all the definitions) and using the word in a sentence, and it will conclude with three set action steps that are modified to fit the Inner Growth Word of The Day.

Eventually, I may livestream this and/or make an audio recording or short video recording and post on YouTube, we’ll see.Β  But for now, it will be in written format on this blog.

Please share feedback on the structure and information so that I can ensure it helps everyone find what they are looking for to reach their highest potential and pursue inner growth.

Thanks in advance for your help!Β  I hope this helps your inner growth journey.Β  Always know, you can reach out anytime to talk, my email is in the About section.

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