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Inner Growth Thought of The Day 141 – Lift The Weight Of Challenges As Obstacles

How you feel about challenges as obstacles depends on a number of things that you uncover as you pursue these situations with inner growth in mind and a learning mindset.


Inner Growth Thought of The Day 139 – The Power Of Trust In Life

When you explore the trust you have in life, different lessons take place, different opportunities for inner growth; and a world of choices open up in how you want to gain trust in life and/or if you don’t want to or can’t trust in life for reasons you’ll uncover as you contemplate this topic with yourself.

Talking About Vulnerability

The topic of vulnerability and openly talking about the moments of vulnerability we experience in life came up in a couple of recent conversations; so I thought I’d share on this very important topic in the hopes of providing support to others who are contemplating similar aspects to what have come up in these conversations.

Inner Growth Thought of The Day 137 – Stopping Self-Sabotage Through Inner Growth

Self-sabotage is one of those things we most often do unconsciously, without full awareness. As you gain awareness through inner growth, you are able to stop this pattern of unconscious actions, thoughts, and/or feelings.

Inner Growth Thought of The Day 135 – Real Talk About Taking Ownership

Taking ownership of the role you play in what the world around you becomes and is, isn’t always easy because of the tendency to think of this “ownership” as “blame” for the things you don’t want or like in what you see and experience in the world.

Inner Growth Thought of The Day 134 – Gain True Independence From Identification

If you’re going to gain true independence from identification you must first acquire full awareness and knowledge of those unconscious list of things you hold as identification marks/traits to who you are, what you are, and why.