Inner Growth Word of The Day 56 – Frustration

February 25

Inner Growth Word of the Day: Frustration


Google’s Dictionary/Search definition: (n.) 1. the feeling of being upset or annoyed, especially because of inability to change or achieve something.


Frustration in a sentence: Some people easily get frustrated and can’t seem to shake it off.


Frustration in action: When things don’t go as planned frustration can arise.


Frustration and inner growth:  Taking a closer look at why you get frustrated allows you to look within and work with those areas that need your attention.


Frustration and inner growth action steps:

  1. In-depth self-exploration questions: How do I feel about frustration? Do I get frustrated?  How easily or often do I get frustrated?  How has frustration affected me?  How has it affected my life?  What have I learned from moments of frustration?


  1. List or word bubble: Make a list or word bubble with frustration at the center and then list or put around it all the words that come to mind associated with it. With that list, put next to each a moment where you found yourself frustrated.  With the words from your lists write a story that removes frustration from the picture.


  1. Bring your awareness to your feelings about frustration and as you allow them to flow, see where they take you. If it’s a specific event that keeps repeating itself or if it’s a repetitive feeling, write them down and come back to them to take a deeper look at your whys.


Your turn – Share your frustration sentence, life examples, and inner growth action steps; and let me know if you’d like to see something added to our Inner Growth Word of The Day explorations 🙂


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