Inner Growth Word of The Day 50 – Sadness

February 19

Inner Growth Word of the Day: Sadness


Merriam-Webster Dictionary definition: (n.) 1 a. affected with or expressive of grief or unhappiness. 1 b1. causing or associated with grief or unhappiness. 1 b2. regrettable, deplorable.


Sadness in a sentence: Sadness is something that can strike at any time and at different levels.


Sadness in action: When you’re in a situation that doesn’t make you happy, sadness can take over.


Sadness and inner growth:  Sadness gets you to take action towards your life and inner self, both leading to inner growth.  You can uncover how you feel about things and the people around you, which also means you can explore them in-depth and find out even more about yourself.


Sadness and inner growth action steps:

  1. In-depth self-exploration questions: How does sadness affect me? How has it influenced my life?  What have I done to explore my sadness?  How does my surrounding influence sadness?  What do I do to manage my sadness?  How do I help others with their sadness?  How do others help me with it?


  1. List or word bubble: Make a list or word bubble with sadness at the center and then list or put around it all the words that come to mind associated with it. Now write the opposite words to your list of words and create a story using both lists.  What stands outs?


  1. Bring your awareness to your feelings about sadness and allow them to flow while noticing where in your body those feelings are going. If any thoughts cross your mind try to focus on the feelings and not so much the thoughts, but also make a note of those thoughts so that you can revisit them at a later time.



Your turn – Share your sadness sentence, life examples, and inner growth action steps; and let me know if you’d like to see something added to our Inner Growth Word of The Day explorations 🙂


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