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Inner Growth Exercise of The Day 51 – Give Yourself The Approval You Want From Others

Exploring what it means to give yourself the approval you want from others and why it’s so important to you being able to tap in to your higher potential, empower yourself, discover more of your heart, as well as be able to finally bring it forth too through your actions, what you do and feel; how inner growth gets you to give yourself approval in all and towards all from the heart; why this journey enables you to also then share that same approval you were denied to others that you support along their inner growth journey; and how at the end of the day, approval from your inner core, heart, the essence of you, in the things you do and the life you lead matters the most, even in the absence of you consciously being aware of it, the difference takes place when you finally awaken to it, take ownership of it and bring it forth in all that you do and are from the heart.


Inner Growth Exercise of The Day 50 – The Transformation That Happens When You Bring Love To Pain

Exploring the transformation that happens when you bring love to pain; how inner growth gets you going with the process and consciously choosing from the heart every step of the way; why this makes a huge difference in your day-to-day and overall life; what different options you have and how inner growth gets you to see these objectively with yourself from a neutral place and your heart, and in the absence of judgement; and why unconditional love towards yourself and all transforms pain into something you will be able to stay open to, learn from, and bring forth more unconditional love in your life and the life of others through your experiences in dealing with it from this place of love and inner growth.

Inner Growth Exercise of The Day 49 – Expanded Awareness Of You and All Through Inner Growth

Exploring the expanded awareness of you and all through inner growth; how inner growth gets you to contemplate expansion of what you experience, think, and see in the world; the way it keeps it tangible so that you can bring forth this expansion and progress to the extent you feel is right for you from the heart; why there are different levels of this expansion and process; and how because if expanded awareness you are always tapping in to the power you hold from within to bring forth the essence of you; and how trust in you and going with the flow are also a part of the journey.

Inner Growth Exercise of The Day 48 – Nothing Has Meaning Unless You Decide So

Exploring how nothing has meaning unless you decide so; why getting to know your meanings through inner growth gets you to realize this power you have; the different reactions to gaining awareness of this self-empowering choice; why before beginning inner growth you are not completely aware that you can choose meaning; how through acceptance of external meanings as well, you continue unlocking your unlimited potential and power to choose; and what this does to the expanded awareness you grow of all that you can do in life once you are the one defining all your meanings from within, pursuing them from without (in the world), while also accepting what you get to work with and being able to find perfect harmony for the expression of the essence of you in the life you lead in all that you do and share with others.

Inner Growth Exercise of The Day 47 – Love You For Being You and Know Your Worth From The Heart

Exploring what it means to love you for being you and know your worth from the heart; the difference this makes in your life; how an inner growth journey shows you the way to finding complete self-love and worth from your inner core, your heart; how this process leads to unconditional love for yourself and the world at large; why all of this expands your awareness of the worthiness of your uniqueness, as well as the uniqueness of others, and how this raising of consciousness brings you to embrace the experience of life with your heart in the forefront and openness to continuous learning, as well as growth of your power for transformation leading you to tap into more of the unlimited potential you hold within that is just waiting to come forth through your day-to-day and overall life.

Inner Growth Exercise of The Day 46 – How To Break Free and Move Forward Through Inner Growth

Exploring how to break free and move forward through inner growth; why as you discover that the world around you doesn’t have to define you for you to express the full essence of you in it and to be a part of it, you are finally able to break free from those world-defined limits and old habits that keep you from unleashing your unlimited potential and heart-driven purpose; how this expanded approach and mindset gets you to also appreciate all that comes your way, hold that neutrality in duality perspective, openness and learning in all that comes by, and raising your consciousness to this appreciation in the moment; and how it is through an inner growth mindset that you bring forth the heart of you the essence of you because you no longer silence it, but instead you learn about it and start embracing your power for transformation, self-love, unconditional love for all, and the pursuit of what you feel from your heart is your unique purpose of existence.

Inner Growth Exercise of The Day 45 – Believing In You When No One Else Does

Exploring believing in you when no one else does; how leading from the heart makes you unique in how you perceive things and why this is something you should remember as you pursue inner growth and self-belief from the heart; the challenges that arise in sharing your beliefs and how to overcome these challenges by transforming them when you choose to focus on what you can learn from within, through inner exploration and inner growth; a raising of consciousness and awareness that brings forth expansion in any life experience that comes your way.

Inner Growth Exercise of The Day 44 – Overcoming Confusion With Unconditional Love

Exploring overcoming confusion with unconditional love; why this makes the difference in finding answers to your confusion in a way that puts you at peace long-term and gets you to find your inner core answers to the confusion itself; how inner growth sets you on a path to overcome confusion thanks to the focus it gets you to take, a focus that goes within, to your inner core, and that gets you to seek out the learning components to any life experience that heads your way; & how the inner harmony that comes from unconditional love leads you to face any moment of confusion with a lightness that reminds you in the moment that everything will be alright, that you’ve got this, and that life’s got you.

Inner Growth Exercise of The Day 43 – Learning From Cyclical Patterns That Keep You Stuck

Exploring how to learn from cyclical patterns that keep you stuck so that you can get unstuck; how inner growth gets you to do this with an in-depth approach that starts at your inner core and that allows you to break cyclical patterns completely every time from the heart; the difference it makes to explore cyclical patterns with neutrality in mind; and why once you embrace learning from cyclical patterns as you pursue inner growth you will always be able to gain from the experience.

Inner Growth Exercise of The Day 42 – Speaking From A Place Of Truth

Exploring speaking from a place of truth; what it means and the challenges that come with it; how inner growth gets you to know your truth and speak it from a place of unconditional love & faith in you, but also in the essence of you and in life; why this place of truth and the knowledge you gain as you use inner growth to expand your voice and the creative projects you pursue makes a major impact and transformation in your life, the things you bring forth in it, and the expansion that you go through; and how all of this awareness and raising of consciousness brings you to assist those who don’t speak from a place of truth for fear of the unknown, hidden hurt, and unresolved lack of self-love areas they are not ready to face, especially alone.