Inner Growth Word of The Day 207 – Idle

July 26

Inner Growth Word of the Day: Idle


Merriam-Webster Dictionary definition: (v.) 1 a. to spend time in idleness.  1 b. to move idly.  2. to run at low power and often disconnected usually so that power is not used for useful work (idle: (adj.) lacking worth or basis).


Idle in a sentence: When you are idle for a long time, you tend to stay idle until something creates a spark within you that gets you to do otherwise.


Idle in action: When there’s a sense of stagnation or slow down within; and/or you feel like staying still for some time, that is idle.


Idle and inner growth: When you think about your idle moments and what things bring an idle feeling within you this allows you to explore those aspects and look into ways to change this state of being.  Taking action alongside awareness brings about inner growth.


Idle and inner growth action steps:

  1. In-depth self-exploration questions: What does it mean to be idle to me? How has being idle affected my life?  When was the last time I felt idle and why was this?  What have I learned from being idle?  Why do I become idle in some moments of my life?  What takeaways have come from my being idle that have helped me grow?


  1. List or word bubble: Make a list or word bubble with idle at the center and then list or put around it all the other words that come to mind associated with it. From this list think of one situation where your being idle brought about something positive in your life.  Write about this moment using the words from your list.


  1. Bring your awareness to your feelings about idle and take note of how your emotions flow within your body. With a focus on your emotions also visualize those emotions flowing down a river and as you do this notice what specific emotions stand out the most.  Next bring in thoughts and pay attention if your feelings change or stay the same.


Your turn – Share your idle sentence, life examples, and inner growth action steps; and let me know if you’d like to see something added to our Inner Growth Word of The Day explorations 🙂


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