Inner Growth Word of The Day 39 – Flexibility

February 8

Inner Growth Word of the Day: Flexibility


Merriam-Webster Dictionary definition: (n.) 3. characterized by a ready capability to adapt to new, different, or changing requirements.


Flexibility in a sentence: The level of flexibility a person has depends on their inclination to accept and/or adapt to something or someone new or different.


Flexibility in action: When children adapt to each other’s ‘kid rules’ to play a game, they show flexibility.


Flexibility and inner growth: Flexibility can serve your inner growth by revealing those things, ideas, people, and so on, that you hold on to versus the opposite (the things you’re more open to).  This allows you to explore both inclinations and identify if there is a deeper meaning and reason for why you’re more flexible towards some things or people versus others.


Flexibility and inner growth action steps:

  1. In-depth self-exploration questions: How has my flexibility towards ideas, things and people affected my life? Do I think there’s such a thing as being too flexible or the opposite?  If so, why and how does this happen?  Have I ever shown flexibility in a situation where I didn’t really want to?  Do I think others are just as flexible as I am when it comes to accepting or adopting something new?  If not, what makes me say this?  What type of flexibility did my parents show me?  Do I think that has something to do with my level of flexibility?


  1. List or word bubble: Make a list or word bubble with flexibility at the center and then list or put around it all the words that come to mind associated with it. With the words that you listed write out a story where the outcome is something that was brought (added) to your inner wisdom thanks to your level of flexibility.  Now write the same story with inflexibility and make note of how the story is different (what changes took place, how did it end, etc.).  Do you think one story’s outcome was a better than the other or just different?


  1. Bring your awareness to your feelings about flexibility and notice if you feel light or heavy, as you continue thinking about flexibility in different circumstances pay attention to those light feelings and make mental notes of the situations that are crossing your mind. Then do the same with those mixed and/or heavy feelings that come up.  When you’re done, jot down those feelings and situations for each group and see if you notice something unique about them or a pattern.


Your turn – Share your flexibility sentence, life examples, and inner growth action steps; and let me know if you’d like to see something added to our Inner Growth Word of The Day explorations 🙂


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