December 5D ascension energies embracing all of the human you are ego-self – heart – mind – body – all

Hello my fellow Lightworkers! As mentioned last month, a priority focus on inner growth and the infinite higher human potential each lightworker can achieve is in the works for the content of 2021 and moving forward. This means that this December 2020 is the last of the planetary 5d ascension energy updates.

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Hello my fellow Lightworkers!

As mentioned last month, a priority focus on inner growth and the infinite higher human potential each lightworker can achieve is in the works for the content of 2021 and moving forward.  This means that this December 2020 is the last of the planetary 5d ascension energy updates.

The content shared will continue to accompany 5d ascension themes, but with a primary focus on the human level; so that the lightworker can completely transcend duality and move into the space of oneness, while experiencing the expansion of their unique spark (soul/essence of you = mind, heart, and body as the human you are).

Being proud to be human and knowing that it is through being human that you are an amazing lightworker and ascend is something that needs more sharing; not only because there is not enough of this within the community that speaks of 5d ascension energies and planetary update topics, but also because there’s so much stuff that goes on in being human, it can be amazing and exhilarating and more.

Enough about that for now and moving forward with our last planetary 5d ascension energy update.

This is a very unique month, just to give you an idea of the different planetary events connected to the 5d ascension energies and process, we have an upcoming: solar eclipse, the new and full moon, the 12-12 portal, and the great conjunction, to name a few.

Also, if you have been keeping up to date with different sources that have been talking about 2020 and the 5d world, you know that from probably about March or April 2020, there has been talk about what is going to take place in December 2020.

I have some who are scared beyond reason and others who think the world is going to switch to something new in the blink of an eye.  What you want to know is that it’s a process that involves the earth and all life-form.  If you read our history books, you will notice events in history that took place and brought about major change, the same is happening.  The only difference is we have a completely new field that discusses topics involving energy, empathic abilities, and many other areas that our ancestors talked about in different ways and that today are being rediscovered since we are headed to a complete human evolution, a consciousness evolution, many know of it as Christ consciousness. Without getting lost in all of this, the planets and the 5d ascension energies affect you on a cellular level, which also affects you on conscious level because what happens when your body reacts to something, which happens through emotions and thoughts…you are experiencing a moment of life, right?  So the 5d ascension energies affect your physiology as a human being, which means you have moments of emotions and thoughts, and a body that is also part of the process.

This is why I’m so pressed to speak of topics that all can relate to in the human form. When you get upset when there is a peak of 5d ascension energy light coming in, you can support your ascension process by staying in a place of flow, love, calm because your nervous system is connected to that brain of yours and your body, and when you get emotional there’s a reaction that takes place, which sends you in emotional overdrive if you stay in a state of unconsciousness towards your human body and person.  Instead, if you stay calm, you walk yourself through the emotional and mental moment, and the body too.  Of course, if there are bigger body ailments, there are doctors for that.  Here we are talking about the day-to-day stuff and emotional ups and downs, peaks and so on.

Every event that will take place this month is meant to support you in following your heart and your path as a person.

So, follow love, follow growth, follow what feels right for you, and for what doesn’t feel right you make peace with it from within and forgive, and then let go or move away, you stay in love and flow and take actions to ensure you are centered from the heart and mind.

For the ascension symptoms you can find them in so many places.  There are plenty who will speak of the emotional ups and downs that will come, remember that you don’t have to be up and down with your emotions, they are your emotions, bring love to them and process them through neutrality in mind and heart, you will have quite a different experience in the moment.  It doesn’t mean you don’t feel all emotions, it means you process them with love, which is what makes the 5d ascension process more flowing for you, just FYI.

Some foresee major life changes, just keep in mind that you are alive, so tomorrow you can move forward and do something; no matter what has happened.  Any event that will happen will lead you to growth and more only if you trust in you, life, and humanity (the people you share the planet with).  Once more, 5d is being in a state of love with self and all, so this too will assist you in the 5d ascension process moment of what is taking place.

If there is anything major worth noting towards mid-month or even the end of the month, I will update the post.

In the meantime, I hope to have supported some in knowing, not to be scared, and not to expect something major either.

Go with your heart, take day by day, and know that it is on a human level that you are being affected every day by the 5d ascension energies.

The planetary 5d ascension energies bring about things you are working through as a person.  There comes a time when you (will) have finally achieved all inner harmony from within you (mind and heart and body, ego/self, soul, essence, human being, etc.), and this means the planets don’t affect you more or less, they are part of you, of your existence, and have always been so; the same way you’ve always been a part of them and are a part of the earth’s existence and the existence of other people, and the planets, and the universe.

The inner flow comes when you realize this from all that you feel and think as you are feeling and thinking it in your day-to-day as the person (human being) you are.  It is truly amazing!

Sending you all lots of love ❤

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