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Inspiring Human Potential 5D Self-Empowered Enlightened message for the 2.22.2022 Portal

Inspiring Human Potential 5D Self-Empowered Enlightened message for the 2.22.2022 Portal – Shining light on your personal connections with unconditional love…May you grow all of your relationships and grow from them with unconditional love. It is a choice to grow from one’s personal connections, karma is part of the unconditionally loving transmutation process for those who are in their 5D state of consciousness, not something “good or bad” or to be judged and cast aside, or to fear, and so forth.

Darkness and light exist in unison naturally in 5D state of consciousness

Inspiring Human Potential Inner Growth Italy travel virtual visits with a local Naples Campania la dolce vita style

“Darkness and light exist in unison, there is no battle in 5D state of consciousness.” – Maria Florio (aka FNM, luna12780) Darkness and Light Exist In Unison Naturally in 5D State of Consciousness Thanks to darkness light shines. Thanks to light darkness can see. The two exist in unison and as a consequence of each other, experience each other.

Inspiring Human Potential Bringing Together Human and Spiritual Elements – 3 Signs You Are In 5D and Higher States Of Consciousness

Inspiring Human Potential Bringing Together Human and Spiritual Elements - 3 Signs You Are In 5D and Higher States Of Consciousness

3 Signs You Are In 5D and Higher States Of Consciousness – 1. You Have Ego-Self Empowerment, 2. You Transcend Duality, 3. Unconditional Love and Light Is A Constant – You Experience Life and Humanity This Way.

Inspiring Human Potential – Unconditional Love For All Humanity

From the IHP podcast’s topic on Culture of Spirituality and Science 3D – 4D – 5D various aspects were included that allowed food for thought on how we treat the individual who needs more love, more help, more support. As a voice that stands up for unconditional love for all of humanity, it is important to share more on this message. It’s also important to share this, so that others who are voicing the same know that they are not alone. “Every heart that is deemed unworthy of love is the exact heart that needs the most love of all.” ~ FNM

December 5D ascension energies embracing all of the human you are ego-self – heart – mind – body – all

Hello my fellow Lightworkers! As mentioned last month, a priority focus on inner growth and the infinite higher human potential each lightworker can achieve is in the works for the content of 2021 and moving forward. This means that this December 2020 is the last of the planetary 5d ascension energy updates.

November 5D ascension energies new moon and full moon

Hello my fellow Lightworkers! For those who follow exact astrological readers (writers, bloggers, professionals, etc.) on the new moon – November 14-15, 2020, full moon – November 30, 2020, and overall planetary events, on this blog we focus on the human elements of how the planetary events and their 5d ascension energies take place in the day-to-day and person’s life.

October 5D ascension energies be proud to be human and be unconditionally loving

Hello my fellow Lightworkers!

For the lightworkers who follow the 5d ascension energies (topics on ascension, 5d earth, mother earth transformation from 3d to 5d, etc.), and astrology, I am sure you have, and continue to, read up on the events and what to expect.  Every year it seems to get more and more enlightening and loving 😊

September 5D ascension energies and getting ready for the harvest

Hello my fellow Lightworkers! As we move towards the end of the month of September, we’ve had many planetary movements and shifts, the full moon has passed, and the new moon is upon us.  For those who are highly in tune with the planets, energies, mother earth, all the elements; you feel every retrograde and planetary movement, full moon, new moon, Schumann Resonance and 5d energy light codes, and so on.  For those who are less in tune with these aspects, you still feel all; you just experience them (even look into them) in a more practical day-to-day way. 

August 5D ascension energies with Lions Gate and full moon Aquarius

Hello my fellow Lightworkers! It’s a couple days after the lovely full moon in Aquarius, but the affects are still being heard, particularly because there is also the Lions Gate Portal that reaches its peak on August 8, 2020, so there is much going on. I am here to share with those who are highly sensitive to our planetary 5d ascension energies that you are not alone in feeling how you do in this month of August, and probably carrying over from the end of July since there were a couple very major 5d ascension energetic events. I say 5d ascension, but they also coincide with yearly astrological events, as well as planetary events. However, it is all happening with 5d ascension energies as the planet goes through its 5d transformation, and so do the people on the planet, every life form on mother earth for that matter.

July 5D ascension energies full moon eclipse and more

Hello my fellow Lightworkers! Although the full moon eclipse on July 4-5, 2020, has passed, it is worth mentioning as it continues to unfold for the 5d ascension transformation that each lightworker, in their own way, is experiencing this month. Also, there is a new moon heading our way, July 20, 2020, and in case you didn’t know, Venus went out of retrograde, Chiron went in retrograde yesterday (July 11) and will stay so until December 15, 2020 (I need to double check my sources, but you can find this info online). Also, important to note, that both Jupiter and Saturn reach their oppositions this month (Jupiter on July 13-14 and Saturn on July 20). Having given you some specifics, let’s move on to the main focus emotions and situations that are unfolding, because this is how the 5d ascension energies affect us particularly this month of July.