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September new moon, full moon, and 5D ascension energies (UPDATED)

Hello my fellow Lightworkers! Who’s excited to hear about what September’s ascension energies or energy transmissions bring your way? How about what to expect from September’s new moon on September 9? Or September’s full moon on September 24?


August’s full moon and 5D ascension energies

Hello my fellow Lightworkers!
Since I last wrote about August’s ascension energies and new moon, I assume you’ve been going through some interesting times leading up to this full moon that just passed (August 26, 2018) and the end of eclipse season; not to mention the 5d earth shift that continues to take place and of which there are some new timeline events to look forward to.

August’s new moon and 5D ascension energies (Updated)

Hello my fellow Lightworkers! Another month is here with plenty of ascension energy transformations / transmissions / downloads taking place, as well as some of those moon phase energy influences. The new moon is on August 2018, while for 5D earth ascension updates there is an amazing event expected by August 22, 2018.

July’s new moon, lunar eclipse, and 5D ascension energies (Updated)

Hello my fellow Lightworkers! Hopefully the month of July has brought you some amazing awakening and ascension moments, and inner growth situations that have brought about a stronger connection with your inner core (your heart, higher self, wise self, soul self, etc.) so far.

June’s full moon and the 5D ascension energies

Hello my fellow Lightworkers! Another month has almost passed, and we are at another amazing full moon (June 28). I’m sure you’ve been feeling the different energies coming in as our earth goes through it’s amazing transformation and with the events that amplify this, such as full moons.

May’s full moon experiences and June 5D ascension energies (Updated)

Hello my fellow Lightworkers! In honor of today’s full moon, I thought I’d share another post on what could be going on with the amazing 5D energies we’re coming across based on my experiences and those others have shared with me as today approached.  I also want to share a source to get you ready

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Ascension and the 5D shift transformation

Hello my fellow Lightworkers! As the full moon approaches and as we move forward in this energy shift 5D earth ascension experience I want to share with you things that I notice when these energetic transformations / ascension moments take place in a way that can help you identify what’s going on in the moment from both a physical and spiritual realm perspective.

May 2018 Energy Shifts Full Moon – May 29, 2018 (Updated)

Hello my fellow Lightworkers! If the past days or week you’ve been feeling somewhat off or just something is in the air, fyi…a full moon is approaching 🙂

May 2018 Energy Shifts 5D Earth Ascension Download (Updated)

Hello to my fellow Lightworkers! I am sharing some resources that I came across for some of May’s major energy shifts (so far this month) that helped me understand what was going on from an inner energy / vibration / state of being standpoint