The Lightworker’s Journey

As a lightworker, I realize the journey ahead has a number of components to it that doesn’t make it straightforward when wanting to share that journey with others.  I want to help this communication challenge by talking about the things we go through without tip-toeing around our knowledge of what’s going on with the shift in vibration on earth and earth becoming a 5D planet, but also in a way that shares that 5D light and love, not judgement on others who are vibrating in a different wave-length.

I noticed a lot of lightworkers having trouble to express things without creating a divide or without feeling like they couldn’t express what they really think and feel.  If we’re going to come together and help the earth along this amazing transformation and awakening, it is important to do so with love in the forefront and without holding back or falling to “old” ways of sharing thoughts on things that go on.

So, first of all, know that you are not alone in knowing that there are amazing things going on here on earth.  Second, keep in mind that to spread love, we need to use words of love not just sometimes or with some people, but with everyone and always.

I’ll be back to share more, but in the meantime…leave a comment if you’d like to share what your experience with communicating has been like so far and how you’re working to overcome the challenges you’re facing when it comes to communicating freely about what is taking place on our lovely planet earth 🙂