February 5D ascension energies full moon supermoon

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Hello my fellow Lightworkers!

As you are probably aware our next full moon is coming up on February 9, 2020 (even though it will appear full all weekend, from about Friday evening to Monday morning).  It’s a supermoon because the moon’s orbit is closest to Earth at the same time the moon is full and the next one will be on March 9, 2020, hurray.  And if you’re wondering the exact time of the moon at its fullest, NASA says it’s going to be at 2:33 a.m. ET.  Getting to our lovely 5d ascension energies, so much to share, it’s not really only the supermoon in February that is bringing up different energies to work through (mind and heart), the entire month of February began with the February 2, 2020 portal opening where topics on forgiveness and evolution are being brought to be faced from every one in their own unique way, according to where you are with your 5D ascension journey.

To break down what themes have been coming up and will continue to be processed, I want to share a list format.  Then I will write a bit more on what ways you can work through, process, contemplate, and reassess mind and heart, your energies, adapt to the flow of 5D ascension energies, and to the higher consciousness you’re opening up to (with awareness of your heart and mind and with the focus of unconditional love and neutrality as your guide).

The themes this February 5d ascension energies entail: betrayal, forgiveness, judgement, abandonment, self-leadership, transformation of endings, self-doubt, trust in self, allowance, transforming old energetic patterns that come through in thought and feelings regarding these themes and events that take place that bring about awareness of the opportunity for the transformation of what no longer belongs to you heart and mind (as a thought or heart-felt truth).

The more you enter 5D ascension from the heart and mind, the more you know that unconditional love and light is what you’re guided to be able and experience as you go within and pursue inner growth from an essence and human perspective.  This means you are not taking the themes that are coming by as your way of life, you know they are all opportunities to transcend the themes from within you.

It isn’t about negating the feelings that arise, hurt or fear, anger or frustration, you are meant to work with those feelings with your self-love and love for life.  Since you are aware of the 5D ascension energies and ongoing transformation on Earth, you know the challenges are all shedding the vibrations that resonate with fear, hurt, doubt, duality, and so on.

Your awareness is your first step and then through your higher consciousness and ascent to heart, your inner world and the love you hold, you work on letting go of the old ways you are breaking free from by processing the lower vibrations with the unconditional love and light that is coming in through the 5D ascension energies and that essentially are what we are all, all humans are love and everyone has their unique soul’s journey, so it doesn’t mean everyone is in the same place in their 5D ascension, they are where they need to be, the same way you are.

Be loving and kind to yourself, go within and pursue the growth that you can achieve through working with your mind (thoughts), heart (feelings), and choices of what next actions to take (unconditionally loving actions).

Life is what you think it to be, what you feel it to be, what you define it to be; and every 5d ascension energy moment, whether February or next month, or throughout the entire year, is trying to get you to achieve: unconditional love for self, for humanity, for transforming challenges to the opportunities they are for you to tap in to the infinite human potential you hold as a human being who has a consciousness that can raise to a higher consciousness (psychologists call it cosmic consciousness), then evaluate your secondary consciousness and thanks to love in the forefront as the feeling you’re holding for self, others and life, you slowly work through (process) what is being let go of that is now old for you as a lightworker and a person who is choosing to be the way to love for the world we all live in.

It’s not about feeling that it’s easy or hard when 5d ascension energies alongside the themes come along, it’s about staying focused in your higher consciousness and heart, what you can do thanks to the ability to think and transform with love any situation to something that you grow from within, and without (in the external world), and that you’ll contribute in your unique way.

Sharing all my love ❤

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