The first in Italy – Capsule Hotel in Naples Capodichino International Airport

It’s called Bed and Boarding (Facebook Page: BenBo) and is an innovative accommodation format that will take off in Naples Capodichino International Airport mid-January 2017. It’s a new type of “fast & cheap” lodging that consists of housing units of about 4m², which are autonomous rooms, equipped with every comfort you would find in a hotel.

Travelers can sleep and relax in these special compartments inside the airport open 7 days a week and 24 hours a day. BenBo at the Capodichino Airport will have a total of 42 compartments, of which 40 standard and 2 accessible to people with disabilities.

Sleeping in BenBo compartments in the Airport

Capodichino will be the first “capsule” hotel in Italy that will allow travelers to sleep right at the airport in the Palazzina Pegaso (the building facing the P2 parking lot). This type of accommodation facilitates travelers by giving them the opportunity to wake up only an hour before their flight thanks to being at the airport, by allowing them to save compared to the average costs of other hotels nearby, and also the benefit of ease at check-in thanks to the fast track already included in the offering.

To sleep in a BenBo “capsule” room it will cost – 8,00 euros for the first hour, 7,00 euros from the second hour onwards or 25,00 euros for nine night hours. After booking the “capsules” will start a check-out which provides the cleaning procedure, linen, and interior cleaning.

In the 4 m² “capsule” there will be a bed, a luggage stall, TV and desk.  The desk will have the option of reclining for those who want to work from the comfort of the bed and the TV will be connected to the Internet with the ability to check the status of flights. Parking will also be available, and a private bathroom outside the “capsule” with all the comforts of a luxury hotel. An ideal place to rest while waiting for the flight.

The “capsule” hotel Bed and Boarding (BenBo) is another great addition to the Capodichino Airport after the agreement with Ryanair that it will begin low-cost connections from Naples with 17 destinations including Bergamo, Bremen, Copenhagen, Gdansk, East Midlands, Eindhoven, Frankfurt, Kaunas, Lisbon, Madrid, Manchester, Seville, Stockholm, Toulouse, Treviso, Valencia, Warsaw.

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