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Reactive With Love

The dance of life does not have to include suffering, for it is not because of pain that you learn; it is because of you, and how you choose to react and dance the dance of life that you learn (and experience life). Being reactive can always stem from the heart and mind with love, inner growth, and flow. It is your conscious choosing as a human who thinks and feels when reacting to life, in any given moment and in any life event or situation.

Empowering Leaders Inspire Human Potential

To be an empowering leader means to make humanity and the individual’s story, life, and circumstances the center of attention, not the other way around. The inverse serves one individual’s and their group’s ego/self empowerment needs and journey.  It is valuable to move things forward for the one person and group, but it is not all encompassing.  It is also not as valuable as empowering humanity as a whole.

The Path To Enlightenment From The Heart

As long as you keep your heart as your guide, life as your priority, make something out of nothing from the depths of you, there’s nothing you can’t do.

I Am A Star That Guides You

Another important inspiring human potential topic shared with you in this poetic/stream of consciousness format, to assist you as you pursue your inner growth journey and leading with heart. In the hope that it leads you to shine bright from the heart as your guiding star always ❤

What Do You Desire Most For Yourself In Life?

Inner Growth Inspiring Human Potential Daring To Think The Unthinkable With Love In Your Heart For All

“Ask yourself what you desire most for yourself in life & you’ll always find the path that leads you higher from within & without (aka the external) in your every day.” ~ FNM ❤ This message goes out to all those who are facing an inner conflict of some sort, something that preoccupies you, that

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We Are The Opportunity For Love To Be The Way

I share with you these words from the heart to bring support to your journey in making a difference in this world through heart, unconditional love, inner growth, inspiring your higher potential, expressing the higher potential your being holds, the essence of you, the heart of you, the all of you that you bring forth through your life, thoughts, actions, words, every bit of what you lead your life with and more.

Going Beyond Give and Take Through Inner Growth

My heart-felt purpose and hope is to share with you (my lovely readers, amazing people inspiring your higher unlimited potential) through the posting of this content a way to go beyond…In this case a way to go beyond the limits that come from seeing “give and take” in a way that is not neutral, and that instead sits in judgment or duality; or that is brought about in a way that doesn’t add to your life or the life of others; and in a way that doesn’t bring forth the pursuit of inner growth and expansion of one’s self, one’s heart, the unlimited essence and potential of every person that is seeking to bring that potential forth through their unique life experience(s) and heart.

Inner Growth Brings Neutrality In Duality

The process of inner growth brings neutrality in duality because the journey and mindset that come with it bring forth a focus on within (your inner core and heart, the essence of you) and of how the external is an opportunity to gain knowledge of your within thanks to its opposing characteristics to something related to your within and the unique situation at hand.

What’s Your Journey?

What's Your Journey Inspiring Human Potential luna12780

The journey you embark on in life is filled with many unknowns. While some of these unknowns and unexpected events may seem like hurdles, when you switch your mindset to one that pursues learning, knowledge of you, openness to the world around you, and focus your ears to what your inner core is saying to you (as you keep moving forward on that journey), you discover a whole new world.

Talking About Vulnerability

The topic of vulnerability and openly talking about the moments of vulnerability we experience in life came up in a couple of recent conversations; so I thought I’d share on this very important topic in the hopes of providing support to others who are contemplating similar aspects to what have come up in these conversations.