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What’s Your Journey?

What's Your Journey Inspiring Human Potential luna12780

The journey you embark on in life is filled with many unknowns. While some of these unknowns and unexpected events may seem like hurdles, when you switch your mindset to one that pursues learning, knowledge of you, openness to the world around you, and focus your ears to what your inner core is saying to you (as you keep moving forward on that journey), you discover a whole new world.


Talking About Vulnerability

The topic of vulnerability and openly talking about the moments of vulnerability we experience in life came up in a couple of recent conversations; so I thought I’d share on this very important topic in the hopes of providing support to others who are contemplating similar aspects to what have come up in these conversations.

Thanksgiving Special ~ Counting your blessings

As a special podcast episode on this Thanksgiving Day I thought it would be nice to talk about how the holidays remind us to be thankful, give us the opportunity to feel grateful, and how we can also practice this daily from our heart not just in our words or thoughts.

Love’s role in the pursuit of inner growth and overcoming inner conflict

Podcast Inspiring Human Potential Inner Growth Maria Florio

The more it becomes obvious how the process of going from inner conflict to inner growth requires additional support, the more I want to share with you so that I can help with that transition. In today’s podcast episode I talk a bit about love’s role in our lives when it comes to moving away from fear and that which causes us conflict…move away, not by hiding the fear, but by facing it with love and having a support system that is all love.

Being objective in a subjective world

Seeing the mosaic of your objective-subjective thoughts is one way people can take a good look at themselves without blurring their vision with words they think are objective, yet that hold the subjective. It’s also a helpful exercise for those individuals pursuing inner growth…

The truth about inconsistency and being inconsistent

Life is a gift - photo by FNM

Inconsistency means not following through with something and there’s always a reason behind this decision, whether conscious or unconscious. It’s ok to not want something and to not follow through with it, but it would be good if inconsistent people would bring to their awareness that it is ok. It would make their life so much easier and it would probably also stop them from being so inconsistent.

How aware are you of your fears and biases and why does it matter?

When it comes to really knowing yourself, fears and biases are quite challenging to identify. They are two components that hinder our inner growth if they remain hidden. They do so by keeping us stuck and acting as blinders to opportunities, options, and different perspectives that lay before us. Without awareness of your fears and biases you are not able to overcome them, nor to see how they are tainting a situation or reaction with the feelings they bring about and thoughts they themselves instill upon you.

Everyone has insecurities, it’s what you do with them that can make a difference

Tears of rain - photo by FNM

As we explore life, our ups and downs, and continue our inner growth journey there are bound to be moments of insecurities. Everyone gets them, even if they may be few and far. Insecurities can have different ways of making us feel, but if we stay away from attributing a negative connotation to them we can reduce those down feelings and use those moments of insecurities in favor of strength and inner growth.