You affect change through your everyday actions

You affect change through your everyday actions

“It is not by stomping your feet to the ground that you affect change, it is by leading it through your everyday actions, how you treat others; ultimately, what you share with the world.” ~ FNM

There are many who believe that loudness is what makes a difference when it comes to change; and although it grabs the attention needed to get people to open up their ears to important topics, become aware of issues at hand; the only way things become…is by being; this means, by individuals putting these beliefs into practice completely, all the way through.

If you promote love and peace, for example, this means you share it every day, every minute, with every person; not just a select few and not just once every now and then or when it’s because of the right circumstances and the people you decide are “deserving” of it.

It’s easy to say, I support love and peace; to hold rallies and organize groups; but it is by each individual of those groups sharing peace and love at all times that our societies and world will change.

Loudness gets us only so far, and when individuals do not also bring about the change they want to see through their everyday life actions, thoughts and words; this “loudness” ends up being a two sided argument (or more sided argument depending on the number differing views/perspectives on one topic), not a change for the betterment of humanity, a united humanity that shares love.

Humanity means all of us.  Some say this is utopistic, and it is exactly what it will be, until people continue to think it is.

It is our beliefs that lead us to the unlimited or limited potential we may unleash within each one of us, as an individual, and within humanity at large, as a group of people on this planet.

Loudness, being heard, is the seed to get awareness; but how the seed blossoms into a flower is the everyday care you take of it to help it grow.



Thanksgiving Special ~ Counting your blessings

Thanksgiving Special ~ Counting your blessings

As a special podcast episode on this Thanksgiving Day I thought it would be nice to talk about how the holidays remind us to be thankful, give us the opportunity to feel grateful, and how we can also practice this daily from our heart not just in our words or thoughts.

Podcast Inspiring Human Potential Inner Growth Maria Florio



Here’s the link to tune in to the podcast episode:

I also want to take the opportunity to share my thanks to each and every one of you for the time you give to read the blog and listen to the podcast…I look forward to the time when you will reach out to share your amazing journey and inner growth stories ❤

The thrill of life starts with the small things

The thrill of life starts with the small things

When you think about the beauty that is life and the exciting moments that you get to experience, you get that warm feeling inside that lifts you up with the most amazing ecstatic energy.  Everyone has a different way of describing it and there are a number of words that we use to try to encompass that overwhelming sense of ecstasy, the essence of life, that we get; one of these includes thrill.  The ability to bring it about within us starts with us and recognizing the thrill in the little things.

Since life is lived and felt through our own eyes and focus, it is up to us to put the thrill in things and so many times the little things become ordinary and taken for granted, which is why that thrill becomes harder to get over time.  But if each one of us wakes up every day with the thought of appreciation towards life, simply breathing the air that is around you and enjoying the warm sun on your skin, the world becomes a whole bunch of ecstatic moments and feelings.

No matter what you are experiencing, the hardship or challenge that is taking place, if you want to regain a moment of joy that will uplift you it is very possible; but you are the one who makes the choice by stopping yourself from taking for granted those moments of life, which include the small things like simply being alive.  It is about perspective and recognizing what life means to you.  It’s something you need to want for yourself, which is why no one can do much to bring about the thrill of life to someone who is going through a rough time.

Each one of us has a loved one or more that come to us with their moments of sadness and I’m sure you do all that is in your power to bring that thrill of life to them, to bring to their attention the small things that are amazing about them and their life; unfortunately, only they can maintain that thrill of life as time passes.  It really is so simple to focus on one joy, breathing fresh air and meeting wonderful people, being a part of a family or having a wonderful group of friends, or even just having life to live day after day with the things you enjoy doing.

So today, when you get ready to go to sleep and tomorrow when you open up those eyes after a night of sleep; think of the small things that thrill you from this thing called life, even if that small thing is simply the essence of life that is going through your body as you take that first sip of coffee or tea in the morning or a nighttime snack before you head off to dream land.

I’d love to hear about one of the small thrills for you in your life.  Can’t wait to hear from you 😊

Overcoming the struggles you face with a 360-degree view

Overcoming the struggles you face with a 360-degree view

When it comes to facing struggles in life, it is never easy, especially at first; but as you pursue inner growth and gain more self-awareness and love, you are able to get through these tough times with less hardship.  However, the key to achieving this for yourself also involves knowing yourself to the point of realizing your role in the struggles you face.

Since the world you live in is seen through your eyes, it is only normal that the events that take place create a specific reaction within you; or better yet, it is the perspective you hold that gives complete shape to these events; particularly your emotional “shape.”

The way you feel about something that happens has a lot to do with how you see the world, the things that happen, all the external inputs and situations that arise.  When you know yourself, and find your reasons for feeling how you do, thinking how you do, and just being you; that already gives you a good idea of why the struggle you’re facing is making you feel a certain way.  The next step is recognizing the judgement you’re applying to the situation or person that has brought about the struggle and removing the two.

Finally, you can look to the struggle itself and understand why it is causing discomfort, as well as what solutions you have to resolve the struggle from within.  Overcoming the feeling of battle is what will move you from inner conflict to inner growth, and to a positive resolution for the event that you’re going through.

Your support system can help immensely when you’re going through struggle, but in the end only you can decide if you want to move forward; and if you can’t, you can also choose that you accept this about yourself.  By accepting who you are and how you feel about something is also inner growth because it’s an act of love towards you instead of an act of judgement (an act of judgement that would weigh you down and add to that emotional turmoil).

Having a 360-degree view of you and your perception of all that comes your way is what will determine the level of struggle you go through, as well as the solutions you opt to implement so that you may move forward in a positive way for your life and inner harmony.

The Power In Knowing Yourself

The Power In Knowing Yourself

What’s the power in knowing yourself?

This very important question is something that everyone should explore for the power that you hold within and that you gain as you pursue a path of inner growth, which includes knowing yourself.

For today’s #WednesdayWisdom post, I’ve decided to share our topic in audio format:

Podcast Inspiring Human Potential Inner Growth Maria Florio




Click to the Inspiring Human Potential podcast and tune in to how knowing yourself empowers you through awareness and acceptance of yourself allowing you to avoid situations that drain you and that lead to potential regret for decisions made when awareness of one’s self is not present.

Every day you choose to pursue inner growth or not, every day you choose to know yourself a little more, and every day you choose how to pursue self-love so that you may lead a joyous and harmonious life, and in doing so spread that unconditional love to others and the world at large.

Every moment is a choice that you make, I hope you choose love!

Love’s role in the pursuit of inner growth and overcoming inner conflict

Love’s role in the pursuit of inner growth and overcoming inner conflict

The more it becomes obvious how the process of going from inner conflict to inner growth requires additional support, the more I want to share with you so that I can help with that transition.  In today’s podcast episode I talk a bit about love’s role in our lives when it comes to moving away from fear and that which causes us conflict…move away, not by hiding the fear, but by facing it with love and having a support system that is all love.

Your own love, the love you have for your ‘self’, your choices, your life are all fundamental to your pursuit of inner growth and resolving the inner conflicts you hold thanks to your love’s reassurance that all works out for the best because that is what you choose day in and day out.

Here’s the link to the Anchor episode – Tribute to Love

And for iTunes listeners you can go here

Looking forward to hearing about how love makes a difference in your inner growth journey and life ❤

Moving from inner conflict to inner growth

Moving from inner conflict to inner growth

How do you move from inner conflict to inner growth?

I talk a bit about the topic in the Inspiring Human Potential podcast and since it’s #WednesdayWisdom, I thought I’d share our topic of the day in audio format instead:

Inspiring Human Potential podcast - Dealing with Inner Conflict - Moving from inner conflict to inner growth

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Moving from inner conflict to inner growth is something near and dear to my heart as I write about it and try to share it with others so that everyone who comes across it may transition from a state of unrest/uneasiness to a state of harmony/peace/completeness within themselves.

Going from a mindset that involves inner conflict to one that is set on inner growth is a process that requires awareness of the self and the external; proactiveness in the moment to redirect focus and actions, reactions, etc.; and the desire to inspire your highest potential by allowing self love, acceptance, completion, worth, and so on to rule in your world and in your life…not separation or divide, not fear or disconnectedness, not good or bad…Only Love and Understanding, and a desire to create a happy life and in doing so also contribute to a happy world ❤

I will expand on this in an upcoming blog post, but for now I will let the podcast episode do the rest of the talking 🙂

Here is the link to the podcast on iTunes for iTune users – Inspiring Human Potential podcast on iTunes