Everyone can make a mistake, it’s owning up to it that makes a difference

No matter how big or small a mistake can be, when you are able to own up to it, it makes a world of difference to you and/or to the other who suffered from the mistake.  It’s not about focusing on the blame or the now, ‘past’ event (and what was done); but rather accepting that it happened and exploring what exactly happened and why.

Obviously, the situation in exploring a mistake and owning up to it differs when it’s you who made the mistake or someone else who made it.  Let’s take a look at the two separately to see exactly how owning up to a mistake makes a difference in each circumstance.

Let’s start with you owning up to a mistake because it is simpler and easier for you to manage that situation in a way that you can learn from and avoid sitting on it or hiding inside and in doing so leaving hurt and disappointment within instead of releasing it and moving past the situation.

Because we’re human, it is only normal to err, and we know when we’ve done so because inside of us there’s this uneasy feeling.  The feeling could be anger or a lingering sadness, or maybe that feeling you get in the pit of your stomach that you did something wrong.  There’s the tendency to initially blame everyone and everything else or to make excuses for ourselves on why we had to do what we did.  Usually the knowledge and awareness that you made the mistake wants to hide beneath the surface and so everything else is to blame as to why that mistake happened.

Putting aside your ego is never easy, and since life is full of external events that are out of our control it’s easy to find something or someone else to be the cause of a choice.  However, the choice is made by you and you alone, and pointing the finger at someone or something else won’t make you feel better.  Unconsciously you’ll know.  So, instead of doing this to yourself, accepting and acknowledging that you made a mistake can help.

First recognize ego, recognize the part you played and did have control over, and recognize that at the end of the day you made the final choice.  Unless, your life was on the line, you made a conscious and thought out decision.  With all of this in the forefront then remind yourself that you’re human and explore the situation to see what you can learn about yourself from your mistake and from what happened so that you can try to avoid it the next time around.

For our second scenario, when someone else makes a mistake and doesn’t own up to it, the situation is much more challenging.  It’s challenging because there’s another person with their own personality and thought process in front of you, and with their own ego and perspective.  You can argue with them all day and try to make your points on why they should admit their mistake.  None of this will get them to do so if they don’t acknowledge it themselves.  The best you can do in these cases is to accept and move on.  If this person makes mistakes repeatedly and they affect you and your life in a big way, then remove them (if you can) from your circle of people.

Mistakes are made and mistakes are things we can learn from always if only we look beyond the surface; if only you don’t stop at the mistake and point the finger.  We’re all just trying to make it a good and happy life, along that road…mistakes can happen, but you can move past them and have them add to your person and world if you focus on the good that comes out of the situation.

How do you handle mistakes and owning up to them or dealing with people who don’t own up to theirs?


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