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December 5D ascension energies embracing all of the human you are ego-self – heart – mind – body – all

Hello my fellow Lightworkers! As mentioned last month, a priority focus on inner growth and the infinite higher human potential each lightworker can achieve is in the works for the content of 2021 and moving forward. This means that this December 2020 is the last of the planetary 5d ascension energy updates.

November 5D ascension energies new moon and full moon

Hello my fellow Lightworkers! For those who follow exact astrological readers (writers, bloggers, professionals, etc.) on the new moon – November 14-15, 2020, full moon – November 30, 2020, and overall planetary events, on this blog we focus on the human elements of how the planetary events and their 5d ascension energies take place in the day-to-day and person’s life.

October 5D ascension energies be proud to be human and be unconditionally loving

Hello my fellow Lightworkers!

For the lightworkers who follow the 5d ascension energies (topics on ascension, 5d earth, mother earth transformation from 3d to 5d, etc.), and astrology, I am sure you have, and continue to, read up on the events and what to expect.  Every year it seems to get more and more enlightening and loving 😊

September 5D ascension energies and getting ready for the harvest

Hello my fellow Lightworkers! As we move towards the end of the month of September, we’ve had many planetary movements and shifts, the full moon has passed, and the new moon is upon us.  For those who are highly in tune with the planets, energies, mother earth, all the elements; you feel every retrograde and planetary movement, full moon, new moon, Schumann Resonance and 5d energy light codes, and so on.  For those who are less in tune with these aspects, you still feel all; you just experience them (even look into them) in a more practical day-to-day way.