Inner Growth Word of The Day 263 – Journey

September 20

Inner Growth Word of the Day: Journey


Merriam-Webster Dictionary definition: (n.) 1. something suggesting travel or passage from one place to another.


Journey in a sentence: Life is a journey that you get to embark on and steer in the direction you choose.


Journey in action: When you go far distances that can be considered a journey.


Journey and inner growth: A look at your journey in life and where you want that journey to take you brings inner growth as you explore the decisions you made and the ones you will make moving forward.


Journey and inner growth action steps:

  1. In-depth self-exploration questions: What does journey mean to me? How has my journey in life played out so far?  What do I like most about my journey?  Who is a part of my journey that has affected it?  How has my journey helped me to get where I’m at today?


  1. List or word bubble: Make a list or word bubble with journey at the center and then list or put around it all the words that come to mind associated with it. From this list think of one situation that made a huge impact in your journey and write about it using the words from your list.


  1. Bring your awareness to your feelings about journey and see where your emotions are most present within you. As you sit in silence, notice how your emotions change and when you’re ready bring thoughts to mind related to your present journey.  Take note of the changes and similarities in the feelings that pass by.


Your turn – Share your journey sentence, life examples, and inner growth action steps; and let me know if you’d like to see something added to our Inner Growth Word of The Day explorations 🙂

The Power In Knowing Yourself

The Power In Knowing Yourself

What’s the power in knowing yourself?

This very important question is something that everyone should explore for the power that you hold within and that you gain as you pursue a path of inner growth, which includes knowing yourself.

For today’s #WednesdayWisdom post, I’ve decided to share our topic in audio format:

Podcast Inspiring Human Potential Inner Growth Maria Florio




Click to the Inspiring Human Potential podcast and tune in to how knowing yourself empowers you through awareness and acceptance of yourself allowing you to avoid situations that drain you and that lead to potential regret for decisions made when awareness of one’s self is not present.

Every day you choose to pursue inner growth or not, every day you choose to know yourself a little more, and every day you choose how to pursue self-love so that you may lead a joyous and harmonious life, and in doing so spread that unconditional love to others and the world at large.

Every moment is a choice that you make, I hope you choose love!

Love’s role in the pursuit of inner growth and overcoming inner conflict

Love’s role in the pursuit of inner growth and overcoming inner conflict

The more it becomes obvious how the process of going from inner conflict to inner growth requires additional support, the more I want to share with you so that I can help with that transition.  In today’s podcast episode I talk a bit about love’s role in our lives when it comes to moving away from fear and that which causes us conflict…move away, not by hiding the fear, but by facing it with love and having a support system that is all love.

Your own love, the love you have for your ‘self’, your choices, your life are all fundamental to your pursuit of inner growth and resolving the inner conflicts you hold thanks to your love’s reassurance that all works out for the best because that is what you choose day in and day out.

Here’s the link to the Anchor episode – Tribute to Love

And for iTunes listeners you can go here

Looking forward to hearing about how love makes a difference in your inner growth journey and life ❤

The Positive Sides Of Scoliosis

The Positive Sides Of Scoliosis

In honor of Scoliosis Awareness Month, to share my support as a person with scoliosis and to every person who has scoliosis, and to help create awareness on this important topic; I would like to “reblog” this amazingly positive post on something that is definitely challenging to live with (both physically and emotionally) and that requires the attention of those who can make strides to help those of us with scoliosis in a way that is beneficial.

butterfly Sessions


Scoliosis is bleak, every single part of it. If you are somebody who is inflicted with this challenging health condition you already know that living with a twisted spine can be scary, daunting, defeating, debilitating, and lonely. I feel all of that.

Since age 12 I have been repeatedly told I need surgery and have been prescribed and given samples of pain killers, muscles relaxers, and anti-inflammatories because of my scoliotic spine. I was once told by one doctor never to hang and told by the next to hang everyday. I have spent more time than I care to count wasted in physical therapists and specialists offices who did nothing for me besides tell me to keep doing what I am doing with pilates, yoga, and as a fitness trainer. They like to tell me that my spine will get worse with each aging year, until it eventually crushes my heart…

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The struggle in deciding based on your belief and what others believe

I wrote a couple blogs on making decisions a while back (like plus five years ago) and how one of the biggest dilemmas we face is knowing if we are making the ‘best’ decision ever or not.  Today I want to expand on making decisions, but with a focus on your belief; particularly, when others have something different to say about what you believe in and the decisions you’re looking to make based on those beliefs.  It is a struggle I think everyone faces at some point or another in their life.  After all, what you believe in has been influenced and may still be influenced by others.  This is what you want to explore and decide upon.

Let’s start with the fact that you should value your beliefs the same way you do those of others.  What I mean is that you shouldn’t discredit your beliefs because others don’t believe the same.  It is normal to second guess or want to talk out a belief, especially when you’re deciding on something important in your life; but since it is a decision that will affect your life, your belief, your gut feeling, should be number one of what you listen to when making your decision.

The reason for your belief to hold priority is that if you make a decision based on someone else’s belief, especially if it doesn’t resonate with what you believe in, and your decision turns out badly, you will most definitely not be happy.  Additionally, you will either regret or be upset for listening to someone else instead of going with what you believed and felt was the right choice for you.  This isn’t to say that someone can’t give you good advice, but if you hold a belief and you know what it is then there’s no reason to ask someone else what they would do or what they believe in.

Why do you ask someone what they think about a decision you’re going to make in the first place?  Is it because you doubt your beliefs and thoughts?  Is it because somehow you are certain their answers will be the right ones without a doubt?  How can you be so sure that their beliefs are better than yours?  And why would their beliefs be better than yours?

These are all questions you should ask yourself when you’re asking someone else what they believe in, instead of just listening to your own beliefs.  You should also take that moment to reflect about your held beliefs, because if you’re asking someone else for their beliefs and putting them above yours, maybe you don’t really hold those beliefs you think are yours.  Why else make a decision based on the belief someone else has instead of your own?

The struggle of following one’s own beliefs isn’t something surprising since we’re raised by parents who show us the way and teach us about life, teach us and show us how to make decisions and so on.  However, there comes a time when what you feel in your heart becomes a lot more obvious.  When what you believe in isn’t something based on what you were taught by your parents or society anymore, but it is a belief that stems from a feeling from inside, from your heart or your gut or both.

When you’re faced with a struggle of going with what you believe in versus what someone else believes in or tells you to believe in, stop and ask yourself why someone else’s belief holds more value than your own.  If in that moment, in that questioning, you find an answer that transforms your belief into the one that the other person has or you find a certain answer to why their belief is more important and true than yours, then go with their belief.  But if you don’t find any of that, then you should go with your belief or figure out why you keep holding beliefs that you don’t trust and that you won’t use to make important life decisions that affect you.

How do you work out the struggle between going with what you believe in versus what others believe in?

Let’s talk about facing your fears and inner growth

When it comes to fears, we all have them.  Some people seem to easily overcome them, others think they have overcome them and still others have a hard time overcoming them.  When you’re looking to find yourself, and follow your heart, your fears have a bit of a hold on you and this can be frustrating.  So, why is it that even though you’re on a path towards self-completion it’s so hard to get past those fears or why is it that when you think you’ve overcome them, they come back out of the blue?

As humans who live in a world where uncertainty is one true certainty, it becomes quite obvious why fears are a part of our life’s journey.  The unknown can be scary and even if we didn’t want to think about it that way, just take a look at a commercial and see what fears it preys on to get you to “need” their product or service.

If that’s not enough, think about existentialism and all that has been written about that.  Humans think about life or they don’t think about it, but what is after life is different for each person; and even if each individual has their belief, the way your life could play out or not is still something that can bring a high level of concern.

We are conscious of life and about the end of life; but then we’re given “life tools” that direct us in living that life according to the beliefs of others.  Some parents tell their children to choose their own path based on what they feel inside; yet the way uncertainty is dealt with (in everyday life) isn’t always in the pursuit of faith in life.  It’s taken as sad, hard or unfair and so on.  It’s not presented as something that happens, but that is ok and can be overcome.  With this type of surrounding and our own sense of loss (when it comes to uncertainty), it’s only normal that even though we pursue inner growth, we have fears that come into play.

The best thing you can do when it comes to fears is to be aware of them and to be understanding with yourself.  The last thing you want to do is judge yourself for being afraid.  Let that fear come out and let it tell you what’s so scary.  You should also know that fears have multiple layers because some of them are so deeply rooted within us that to get passed them it will take peeling away at those layers one by one.  Also, if you’ve been used to reacting a certain way to something for so long, you can’t expect yourself to overcome it in one night.  I mean it could happen, but if it doesn’t that is understandable since the only way to transform something is to do it over and over again in that “new” way you’ve decided on.

Knowing who you are, including your fears, is how you can reach that inner growth you’re pursuing, that higher potential you feel is inside of you that you know you can obtain.  It takes you believing in yourself and deciding what you believe in day after day for you to achieve the level of harmony you want.  This means not thinking you’re not where you should be because that fear you thought you were over represents itself down the line.

It’s not easy because fears are scary, that’s why they’re called fears.  It takes all your belief in you and life, and hopefully a good support system, to say to yourself, I know I can overcome this fear, I know that it isn’t going to hurt me and that there’s nothing to be afraid of.  It also depends on what you believe in; this is why those who have faith in something non-tangible are able to get through certain fears while others aren’t.  The thing is, we’re in a physical (tangible) world and since the unknown isn’t tangible anything that isn’t tangible and you can’t see is that much harder to believe in and put faith in.

One thing that is tangible is you and getting to know yourself in and out, with all the layers you are made of (your fears, societal and psychological influences, your upbringing, your belief system, your culture, etc.) is what will help you to overcome those fears, layer after layer.  The time it takes is unknown, but what it takes is you believing you can; and you wanting to do whatever it takes to reach that internal peace and harmony you’re striving to obtain through your inner growth journey.

What’s so special about friendship and friends

There’s that saying about how you don’t pick your family, but you pick your friends, or something along those lines; and friendship is one of those amazing gifts that life gives us.  What’s so special about friendship is the unconditional love you have for one another when that friendship is meaningful and like family.  Friends can help you when you’re down and they can lift you up even more on those beautiful days.  What is friendship?  Where to start…

Friendship is having someone who understands you and even when they don’t, they want to understand; and they do their best to listen so that they can get what you’re trying to communicate.  Like in any relationship that is love, the pure kind of love, it doesn’t involve expectations or give and take; rather, it’s acceptance of who you have in front of you as they are.  It’s seeing “flaws” as “virtues” (so to speak) and smiling at the little quirks that take place.  This type of relationship happens when both people are in a happy place within.  When someone is a friend not because they need a friend, but because that friendship adds to them and their life.

Supporting each other through whatever life throws your way isn’t an easy task.  The same way life-time companionship goes through ups and downs being that two unique individuals are trying to build a life together, so does friendship.  The friendships that last are those where communication is abundant and clear, where neither person tries to impose themselves and their perspective on the other.  Sometimes friendships make this easier because each person is living their own life, so certain important life decisions aren’t involved.  The only things you decide with friends is where to meet, what to do, when to chat, and things of this nature.

It’s great to have these types of relationships because they can be that neutral party, the ones you talk to about anything and everything because that’s what friends do.  They can help you see clearly in a moment of confusion, and they are the ones you call on to go out, just because.  Of course, they love you so much, they could be biased when it comes to some things; but all that matters is that they have your best interest in mind and your happiness in the forefront.  You can’t go wrong if all you want is someone’s happiness.  Friendship is that special gift that life gives us.  Treasure it and make the best of those special moments!

What’s your take on friendship and how special it is?