Inner Growth Thought of The Day 169 – Making The Most Of All Emotions Through Inner Growth

Emotions are a part of life; and while some bring us up in down moments, others bring us down in down moments. When you are on an inner growth journey you look to these down/down moments in a way that transforms them to learning/down moments.

Inner Growth Thought of The Day 168 – How Minor Complaints Affect Your Potential

Minor complaints may be void of meaning, however they are a habit that affect your potential in that they bring you to a state of complaint, which means taking away from your potential instead of adding to it. As you pursue inner growth you explore these minor complaints in a way to gain knowledge of yourself and inner core (heart), but you also get to make conscious choices of what you want to do with this habit.

Inner Growth Thought of The Day 167 – Redefining Strength and Weakness Through Inner Growth

Everything that is a part of life has its purpose and the same goes for the dynamic between strength and weakness when explored through the heart. With inner growth comes awareness, consciousness and inner exploration. When you apply these to how strength and weakness affect you, you realize…

Inner Growth Thought of The Day 166 – The Inner Growth Opportunities From Can’t Or Misery Loves Company Situations

As you pursue a path of inner growth, all that you encounter is an opportunity to learn about you, to make a choice, to embrace what it is you want for you moving forward; these encounters include “can’t or misery loves company” situations.

Inner Growth Thought of The Day 165 – Flexing Your Perspective Muscles

The way your perspective affects situations and your emotions goes beyond what we sometimes realize; until that is, you start paying attention as you pursue inner growth. Once you have awareness of your perspective you are able to “flex” those perspective “muscles” by switching to an open versus a limited view and testing out different ways to work with situations…

Inner Growth Thought of The Day 164 – Inner Growth In Moments Of Deep Pain

When you are going through moments of deep pain or supporting others who are going through these moments your mindset makes a huge difference for you and for you in moments of support. As you pursue an inner growth mindset and way of life, you will be able to gain lessons from your deep pain moments; and when it comes to helping others in deep pain moments…

Inner Growth Thought of The Day 163 – How You Speak Impacts Your Potential

The words you use and the way you speak about things (yourself, the people around you, the world, life, etc.) impacts your potential beyond what we can imagine at times. Paying attention to how you speak and consciously asking yourself questions about what you say and choosing your words wisely bring about the chance to get to know yourself and choose the potential you want to reach as you pursue inner growth and the life you want.

Inner Growth Thought of The Day 162 – Contemplation On Limitedness

When you interact with limitedness, whether a mindset or situation, there’s plenty to learn about the perspectives being presented to you and your openness to interacting in such situations. As you explore your thoughts, feelings, reactions and ability to stay open even if faced with limits from the external, you are able to bring openness to the situation, in addition to gaining insights on you and choosing with awareness how to approach limitedness.

Inner Growth Thought of The Day 161 – The Key To Pursuing Your Goals and Unlimitedness

If there’s anything that will keep you going when times get tough or when the wait gets long (in anything you wish to pursue or experience in life) is what you hold dear and near to your heart …that feeling, belief, thought, experience… that thing that brings blissfulness and trust to your being.

Inner Growth Thought of The Day 160 – Common Themes That Hold People Back

Common themes that hold people back are brought up at different times along your inner growth journey. As you learn from the common themes and find your lessons, you slowly remove the pull back that they bring due to the doubt they cast upon you and your inner core’s message.