Ascension and the 5D shift transformation

Hello my fellow Lightworkers! As the full moon approaches and as we move forward in this energy shift 5D earth ascension experience I want to share with you things that I notice when these energetic transformations / ascension moments take place in a way that can help you identify what’s going on in the moment from both a physical and spiritual realm perspective.

Inner Growth Thought of The Day 145 – Dealing With Disappointment Through Inner Growth

When faced with disappointment, there are many ways you can go about handling it and for someone on an inner growth journey this means looking within to uncover those hidden messages first and then deciding on your next steps.

Inner Growth Thought of The Day 143 – What You Seek Is What You Will Find

Recognizing that what you seek is what you will find takes you on quite the journey. Not only do you start taking a look at what you are seeking, but it also gets you to reevaluate what it is you really want to seek (time and time again).

Inner Growth Thought of The Day 142 – Finding Steady Ground Through Inner Growth

Finding steady ground is important in life for many reasons. Not only does it help you ensure long-term success, but it creates a sense of security that provides you with the steadiness that enables you to stay focused and centered on learning and evaluating different solutions along your journey.

May 2018 Energy Shifts Full Moon – May 29, 2018 (Updated)

Hello my fellow Lightworkers! If the past days or week you’ve been feeling somewhat off or just something is in the air, fyi…a full moon is approaching 🙂

Inner Growth Thought of The Day 139 – The Power Of Trust In Life

When you explore the trust you have in life, different lessons take place, different opportunities for inner growth; and a world of choices open up in how you want to gain trust in life and/or if you don’t want to or can’t trust in life for reasons you’ll uncover as you contemplate this topic with yourself.