Inner Growth Exercise of The Day 295 – Cherishing Life Consciously In Your Every Day

Exploring cherishing life consciously in your every day; the challenge with this initially; the reasons why practicing daily gratitude makes it easier to work through, process, and transform your relationship with the unknowns of life that can keep you distracted from cherishing moments; how inner growth gets you to dive in and bring forth the love you hold for life and the infinite moments you can experience from the depths of you and complete essence of you; how this doesn’t take away from the now, actually quite the contrary; and the huge difference this makes in your day-to-day, overall reality, quality of life, and relationship with the unexpected in life long-term.

Inner Growth Exercise of The Day 294 – You Are The Master Of Your Thoughts

Exploring how you are the master of your thoughts; what this means in practice; how inner growth gets you to acknowledge your power from the heart, with love in the forefront for self, others, and the external as is; why your emotions are always involved in the thoughts and your mastery, self-power; how you work through the emotions with the thought and transform thoughts and emotions together step-by-step in a way that helps you process and go beyond from within with inner harmony and peace, with flow of life; and how this journey of mastery gets you to know that nothing is impossible for you to work through, explore, transform, and change in your reality from within at a heart level with the essence of you and the unknowns of life that are an always a part of that experience of life.

Inner Growth Exercise of The Day 293 – Different Perspectives Means Different Realities

Exploring how different perspectives means different realities; it’s something you’re not aware of on the surface until it comes out explicitly (usually later on); it affects conversations in different ways when there is no awareness; and once there is awareness, it helps to pursue inner growth and improve communication with the others involved; how these differences add to your life experience when you allow them to help you learn about you, grow unconditional love, tap into your higher potential through your raising of consciousness and shift in awareness to heart, the essence of you, and that mind to heart, heart to mind, talk you can pursue to go beyond; and how it is one way you learn more about and grow your unconditional love for those in your life and that you relate to in the world at one point or another through conversation.

Inner Growth Exercise of The Day 292 – Doing Things Your Unique Way

Exploring doing things your unique way; how inner growth gets you to find inner harmony with this; why exploring the human elements and the essence of you is what can lead you to doing things with the heart of you in the forefront and a feeling of flow that adds to your quality of life; what it means to do things your way without involving or imposing on others, but through acceptance of the external as is; what role neutrality plays at a certain point as you pursue this path; and how it’s once you accept and love who you are completely that this gets easier and easier.

Inner Growth Exercise of The Day 291 – It’s Only An Opinion

Exploring the dynamics of opinions with inner growth in mind; what your feelings about your opinions and other people’s opinions can lead to if you raise your consciousness to those feelings and understand them; why everyone has a right to their opinion and how to use duality to learn from these differences when they arise and grow from your explorations from within; what role unconditional love and neutrality play; the different aspects to keep in mind of where one is at from a consciousness of self, life, and world perspective; and how when you pursue inner growth in these matters, you expand on all levels.

Inner Growth Exercise of The Day 290 – A Special Inner Growth Message To All The Light and Love Warriors

Sharing a special inner growth message to all the light and love warriors; the importance of keeping unconditional love in the forefront; the depths to which you go within when faced with the opposite of love by all those around you and the external; the opportunity for inner growth and being the unconditional love and light you feel you are and that you are wanting to bring forth in all you are and do; and how you become more and more of that light and unconditional love, as long as you keep on believing in you and humanity, from the heart, the essence of you, and the mind of you through a raising of consciousness and ascension to heart, awakening completely to it at its purest form, and connecting it to all that it means to be human and live a life that is essence.

Inner Growth Exercise of The Day 289 – All You Have To Do Is Trust In You

Exploring the importance of trusting you; how inner growth grows this inner trust; the challenges people face in trusting in themselves completely; how those challenges with inner growth transform into opportunities to grow trust, become self-empowered, and do it from a place of heart with unconditional love for self and others; and why at any moment of life, with your life purpose and endeavors, all you have to do is trust in you with love in your heart.

Inner Growth Exercise of The Day 288 – Knowing From The Heart That You’ve Got This

Exploring knowing from the heart that you’ve got this; how inner growth puts you on a journey to realize this from all the experiences you go through where you rise by learning from the challenges and conflicts that come your way; the importance of heart in trusting your heart and sharing unconditional love towards the external and others; and how this self-empowerment journey rises you up more and more from the heart.

October 5D ascension energies and the full moon

Hello my fellow Lightworkers! When it comes to the 5D ascension energies this month, it has been quite interesting so far. There are different sources that I have referenced, in addition to my personal intuitive connection with what I perceive from the ascension energies through myself (my feelings and experiences) and the collective (feelings and experiences).

Inner Growth Exercise of The Day 287 – Raising Your Consciousness To Your Everyday Choices

Exploring raising your consciousness to your everyday choices; how it is about the small things that can add up to bring you the ultimate results you want with your quality of life; why it’s an inner day-to-day practice of mind and heart communication; how inner growth gets you to raise your consciousness to the human elements and essence of you as you pursue inner harmony, expansion of the infinite potential you hold, and more; why it’s not impossible to achieve anything from within, unless you choose for it to be impossible; and how the choice is always yours of where to bring forth heart and mind to change your reality to one that combines all of you with the love you have for life and the world.