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Inner Growth Exercise of The Day 365 – Every Day You Choose Your Destiny

Exploring how every day you choose your destiny; how that choice is based on a set of things you know from a mind and heart perspective; why inner growth gets you to take ownership of that choice and therefore every aspect of your destiny and all the events that take place with it as life takes place; how this pursuit of what to choose and how to choose, of what role your mind and heart play, the human elements and the essence of you, how they all come together to support you in the most loving way and life promoting way already; and how by raising your consciousness to your choice you simply get to experience this reality in its infinite and expansive, and most life fulfilling way from the heart and mind of you to the every day you live.

Inner Growth Exercise of The Day 364 – Your Mindset Is What Leads Your Life

Exploring how your mindset is what leads your life; why inner growth as a journey and a mindset are amazing in what they can lead; how every mindset begins with the external, the essence of you (the heart), and the heart and mind path you pursue as you live life; what others have to do with the mindset you end up adapting or finding doesn’t fit completely with your inner self, the essence of you; and why it always comes down to you choosing to raise your consciousness, shift awareness, and focus within to listen to your heart and mind, understand the essence of you and the human elements involved, and know that unconditional love and life will always lead you well and to something more, to allow flow to be the life you lead from the mindset you lead it with and be your infinite human potential in your every day.

Inner Growth Exercise of The Day 363 – Identify Everything That Brings Out The Best In You

Exploring how identifying everything that brings out the best in you is helpful in moments of inner conflict and challenges in the day-to-day; why it helps to break thought patterns that are holding you back; how mind and heart are always at play and give you access to more and the higher consciousness of you, as well as the infinite human potential in you; how inner growth assists you to identify these items with the human elements and essence of you (heart of you) in the forefront and in harmony (or to seek harmony, if harmony is not yet present); and how the in-depth process of identifying what brings out the best in you leads you to uncover the inner power you truly hold when you set your heart and mind to it from within and with unconditional love leading the way.

Inner Growth Exercise of The Day 362 – Stand Up For Your Heart By Allowing It To Guide You

Exploring how you stand up for your heart by allowing it to guide you; what happens when there’s a disconnect between your heart as your primary guide and you; the human elements and social dynamics at play with this heart-felt guidance; why inner growth gets you to do and be all that your heart shares with you, with unconditional love for self, others, and the world; and how when your mind and heart connection grows you not only tap in to your higher consciousness, but you also tap in to the infinite higher potential of you in your life, in all that you do, and represent the complete essence of you and bring it forth into this world.

Inner Growth Exercise of The Day 361 – The Only Person Who Can Stand In The Way Of Your Success Is You

Exploring how the only person who can stand in the way of your success is you; why that is and how acknowledging the human elements, the inner self (the essence of you), your opportunity for inner growth and the presence of unconditional love will all transform that success to a win-win for your inner world and outer world in a consistent ever-evolving inner harmony, raising of consciousness to your higher consciousness, to your heart and mind collaboration, and infinite higher potential as a human being in your life everyday more tangibly and emotionally; and why humanly speaking, you’ve always known this, even if unconsciously from deep within you at the heart (the essence of you).

Inner Growth Exercise of The Day 360 – You Triumph When You Believe You Can

Exploring how you triumph when you believe you can; how it’s all about believing in you, the essence of you, the heart and mind of you, the human you; how the inner growth journey and mindset assist you along this path; what inner harmony with the external as is have to do with it; why the human elements work in your favor when you use them to grow self-empowerment from within, from the heart and mind; and a personal story of how I triumphed thanks to believing in me and that I could succeed when I was experiencing panic attacks.

Inner Growth Exercise of The Day 359 – Raising Your Consciousness To Unconditional Love

A special holiday loving topic to share unconditional love with everyone on an inner growth and awakening to heart journey; to those of you who are raising your consciousness to your inner world and outer world, on a path of self-discovery from the heart uncovering inner harmony and through it uncovering and sharing your infinite potential and unconditional love in all that you are, say, and do; to everyone who wants to be the opportunity for unconditional love to lead the way in life, human-to-human, in our world’s continuous transformation towards one that has oneness and love in the forefront; and to all who are here to be unconditional love as a human on earth.

Inner Growth Exercise of The Day 358 – Connecting Within To Your Thoughts and Feelings

Exploring connecting within to your thoughts and feelings; how doing this changes your life; what inner growth has to do with it; and why the sooner you start the more breathtaking your everyday will be and the more what you want in life will reveal itself to you.

Inner Growth Exercise of The Day 357 – Being Self-Aware To Make Your Dreams Come True

Exploring being self-aware to make your dreams come true; how it should include the essence of you, not only a set of skills; why realistically speaking self-awareness is something everybody has, and how it’s the level of in-depth knowing that varies depending on the raising of consciousness to your mind and heart connection, the essence of you, the heart of you, the life essence you are, alongside interacting with and being a part of the external world, the human elements and all that is outside of you; why inner growth gets you to become aware of the inner world in your self-awareness; and how this gets you to not only make your dreams come true by pursuing them with inner harmony, love and excitement, but also allows you to bring forth and be your infinite human potential, heart and mind, and share that in realistic and practical ways with the external world you live in and are a part of in life.

Inner Growth Exercise of The Day 356 – How To Use ‘Why’ To Grow Self-Empowerment

Exploring how to use ‘why’ to grow self-empowerment; self-empowerment from within and using ‘why’ to initiate a heart-mind exploration that expands on the possibilities of your answers to a ‘why’; how inner growth gets you to bring forth the transformation of your ‘why’ with the human elements, the essence of you, and the opportunity for inner harmony when faced with inner conflict; how the unknown, control and not control in life, opposites, duality and neutrality are also at play with self-empowerment and the use of ‘why’; and what amazing solutions you can come up with when you are in a place of self-empowerment from within thanks to the heart and mind in a growing and positive mindset when asking ‘why’.