Interpersonal Relationships and Ourselves: Something to Think About.

It is important to know who one is when it comes to interpersonal relationships because it is what will lead all interpersonal relationships.  Knowing oneself can improve relationships and experiences.  Interpersonal relationships involve family relationships, friendships, romantic relationships, sexual relationships, and all other forms of relationships created with one or more people.
When first meeting someone a lot of different thoughts and feelings present themselves.  At times there’s an instant connection and other times a gut feeling of unease or discomfort.  The tendency for some is to ignore the feelings and let the relationship play out; other times it is cause for instant acceptance or closure.  Both can be right and wrong; there’s no way to tell.  Something to keep in mind is that all are human and driven by culture, values, ideologies and other personal traits and beliefs.  For these reasons it is also good to know one’s own traits, beliefs and desires.  Knowledge of these can help improve social skills and all forms of relationships.  An example would be meeting with a group of people where the topic of religion comes up in conversation.  If one knows that the subject is sensitive to them then one also knows that disappointment or comfort may follow.  The aftermath will depend on what the group members will say on religion.  The good thing of knowing that personally it’s a touchy subject is that one can decide to overlook one’s own sensitivity and allow the group of people to continue uncovering the beautiful or not so beautiful people they are.  This scenario has just given the chance to avoid putting up immediate barriers based on personal beliefs and ideas.  Since the world is vast it is likely to encounter different people and sometimes shutting them out for not acknowledging one’s biases isn’t always positive.  It isn’t positive because one is limiting the number of beautiful people one can develop a relationship with based on an unconscious judgment.  If one gives the chance for the person or group to show who they are at least the eventual breaking relationship decision can be made for actual reasons of bad behavior or other negative treatment aspects of the person or group, but not because of a differentiation of opinion.


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    1. Thank you for the showed appreciation 🙂 I’m happy that someone reads what I write, besides the poems and blog. I’ll have to try adding something here soon 🙂

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    1. Thanks Sean,
      I’ve been really busy with work and have not been able to add anything else yet, but I’m going to try my best to fix that this year…so expect posts to come soon. I look forward to your comments.

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