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Inner Growth Word of The Day 66 – Close-minded

Understanding if there are ideas or opinions that you are close-minded about and exploring why that is the case is a starting point for inner growth. The more you look to understand yourself, the more you can grow within.

Inner Growth Word of The Day 65 – Blockages

Becoming aware of your blockages allows you to acknowledge them and explore them so that you may overcome them or find your happy medium. This process involves inner growth since you are taking steps to bring your blockage(s) full circle and in the process, you get to know yourself more and more.

Inner Growth Word of The Day 64 – Labeling

Labeling can help your inner growth by bringing to the surface, through the act of grouping and/or categorizing people, your judgement of others or things. By asking questions that dig deep into your act of labeling, you uncover your hidden judgements and can look to resolve them if you wish to do so.

Inner Growth Word of The Day 63 – Wrong

Thinking about the things you’ve done or said that are considered wrong is a great place to look inward and ask questions like if you think you’re wrong or why is what you’ve done or said wrong. It’s also helpful to inner growth to understand how you label things or others wrong, to explore your considerations from a neutral ground and see what you can uncover about your definitions.

Inner Growth Word of The Day 62 – Struggles

Struggles help inner growth by bringing you to feel at a bit of a loss, yet fully invested in trying to obtain something. This type of situation brings you to contemplate, as well as take action. In the moment that you may be ready to give up, you will gain the biggest lesson of that specific struggle and you will either persist and overcome the struggle or decide whatever your struggle is, it is not something you want to pursue.

Do things come to an end in life or maybe

When something that you’ve been used to or have had in your life for so long comes to an end, how you handle it makes a huge difference in how you welcome the new, but also in how you feel as the old passes by. We’re so used to being told how much we will mourn departing from something we’re used to that we’re not really prepared to look at it with a lighter heart, maybe even a bit of an excited heart. As long as there is life, there is movement. This also means that even though things may seem the same, they aren’t ever exactly the same in all the details of that moment.

Inner Growth Word of The Day 60 – Self-completion

Even though one could think that self-completion and inner growth are one and the same, they are not necessarily. You can arrive at self-completion in knowing all about yourself and what makes you tick, but continue pursuing inner growth by going deep into the different parts of you and exploring the ins and outs of them.

Inner Growth Word of The Day 59 – Unfriendly

When dealing with an unfriendly situation or person, staying neutral allows you to keep an open mind, and will lead you to uncover things about the situation or person and also about yourself that you would have not otherwise seen. If you are the unfriendly person, then exploring what creates hostility towards others or circumstances is a great place to start for steps towards inner growth.