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Stepping outside your comfort zone without staying stuck in the uncomfortable feeling

Pushing yourself to do something that’s outside of your comfort zone can help you take steps forwards in different areas of your life. I’m not talking about something that can hurt somebody or yourself, but something outside of your comfort zone that you don’t want to do because maybe you think you can’t do it or simply because you’ve always never done it. The situations I’m talking about take place kind of naturally, life brings them about and gives you the opportunity to contemplate taking that step.

Overcoming that heavy feeling that weighs you down

One of the feelings people talk about when they’re going through one of those really tough moments in life is that heavy feeling that weighs you down. So, how can someone make that moment better? And how can someone work on overcoming it in the long run?

What do you believe in and how do you handle the opposite?

Handling those things that are opposite of what we believe in comes as a challenge because of their closeness to who we are and how we would like to lead our life, etc. This is why they are the most challenging to understand; but also why they are what open us up to our deepest inner self, which in turn allows us to make humongous strides when it comes to self-completion and life harmony.

Why does there have to be struggle in life

How many of you think struggle is part of life? That if you want to get something or somewhere, you have to fight for it? How many of you believe everything happens without having to fight to conquer it all? That things happen quite naturally, as long as movement is in place? Or how about that process and achieving something naturally takes time to evolve and come to fruition, that is all?

What do you see when you look back at your life

Have you ever looked back at all that’s happened up to today and where you’re at in your life? Do you get mixed feelings, happy feelings or sad feelings when you do this? These questions are only some of the ones that come to mind to start a conversation on such an important topic. Looking back brings different thoughts and feelings with it, within us; those thoughts and feelings depend a lot on our focus when we look back.

Handling frustration to avoid letting it handle you

Life throws us plenty of curve balls and depending on what they are, each person will react differently. If you’re someone who explores those reactions, those feelings that arise from each situation; then you’re also someone who notices how each affects your day to day. This is also why you’re looking for alternatives on managing certain feelings, the ones that take away from you and make you unfocused, even unmotivated. Frustration is one of those feelings.

Wednesday Wisdom Tip

Wednesday Wisdom Inspiring Human Potential

#WednesdayWisdom Tips For Wednesday Wisdom I thought I’d share a tip I find helpful in inspiring and uplifting my days.  Since #WW takes place on a weekly basis I figure I update this blog post with tips when they come to mind.  If you’d love to contribute your wisdom tips too, leave them in the

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