Stepping outside your comfort zone without staying stuck in the uncomfortable feeling

Pushing yourself to do something that’s outside of your comfort zone can help you take steps forwards in different areas of your life.  I’m not talking about something that can hurt somebody or yourself, but something outside of your comfort zone that you don’t want to do because maybe you think you can’t do it or simply because you’ve always never done it.  The situations I’m talking about take place kind of naturally, life brings them about and gives you the opportunity to contemplate taking that step.

Obviously, no one likes to put themselves willingly in such a situation nor should day, and at the end of the day, if you choose not to take the leap, then that’s fine too.  However, as the unwanted situation is presented and taking place in those days and moments of your life, you’ll find yourself going through an array of emotions and thinking a number of thoughts.  It is in this moment that you can use the opportunity to learn more about yourself, make a transformation if you choose to do so, and even take on the uncomfortable situation and make it no longer uncomfortable.

When it comes to ourselves, there’s this doubt that creeps up about our abilities or our worthiness.  It’s not because we are necessarily insecure, but because human tendency is to go to what they know and steer clear of what they don’t know.  If life presents that uncomfortable situation, which it does many times throughout our lifetime, then it means we’re ready to take another step and expand our knowledge of what great things we can do.

All of this to say that in your moments of doubt and resistance to something new that has come along, as you are feeling those feelings of stress and anxiety you have an opportunity to share with yourself love and belief that you can succeed.  You can also contemplate your options, ask yourself why you think this opportunity is something you should take and why not.  Go even further, by asking yourself if the only reason for your refusal of the opportunity is because you think you can’t do it or if it is actually something you know for a fact you can’t do or just won’t be good at.

Thanks to this type of exploration you will also have thought of a number of alternative solutions to the uncomfortable one you are facing, and that in itself is another huge leap forward for your life.  You’ll have found alternatives to what you now know for sure you don’t want versus just being upset at being put in that situation.  If you choose to take on the challenge of doing something you don’t think you can do then you will transform your feelings about that thing and it will no longer be outside of your comfort zone.

However you put it, thanks to those uncomfortable decisions, if you sit down and allow them a little space in your mind you will gain a lot from them in regards to insights on who you are and what you know you really want; you will have reminded yourself that you are worthy and that you choose not to do something because you have thought it through; you also challenge yourself to expand your comfort zone if you take on the situation; and lastly, you moved away from the uncomfortable feeling and into a contemplative feeling where your thoughts shape the rest.

What do you think about stepping outside your comfort zone?  How has it helped you and how do you see it helping others?


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