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Wednesday Wisdom Tip

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#WednesdayWisdom Tips

For Wednesday Wisdom I thought I’d share a tip I find helpful in inspiring and uplifting my days.  Since #WW takes place on a weekly basis I figure I update this blog post with tips when they come to mind.  If you’d love to contribute your wisdom tips too, leave them in the comments below and I’ll add it to the list (with the appropriate attribution of course).

So here goes… Wednesday Wisdom Tips

  1. When something upsets you, take a deep breath and think of one thing you’re grateful for (if you’re alive and healthy you’ve already got two things to rejoice); doing this should help you turn that frown right back up into a smile outside and inside!
  2. When the day is done, right before you go to sleep, think of one thing you’re happy you did today.  Then think of one thing you’d like to get done tomorrow and why it means so much to you that you get it done.
  3. What is one thing you know you have when a day has passed?  Simply put, you have life.  When the end of the day arrives, look back at all the moments you lived that day and pin point one of your favorite moments for the day.
  4. Your outlook on life can take different turns as you explore the experiences you live day by day.
  5. In those moments of drained energy, those tiresome days, take a minute and redirect your focus to a moment you recall where you were at your best.  Feel the energy of that day and let it help you get through this one.
  6. The struggle is real so long as it is in your head; for the mind has limitless potential in what you can see, if only you choose to dive into the different possibilities.
  7. What makes the process challenging is having the patience to let it take its course.  All needs time, and when you remove the expectation of a set time, this stops you from feeling weighed down and allows you to enjoy the process.
  8. Create your own boxes for you because at the end of the day, you’re the person you’ll be answering to when it comes time to how you feel about something and how you live your life.
  9. If you find yourself in doubt about something, focus on the one thing you are sure about, and ask yourself to truthfully answer how certain or afraid you are about the thing you are doubting.
  10. Listening to yourself is important, but so is seeing with the eyes of others when trying to truly understand them.

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