Handling frustration to avoid letting it handle you

Life throws us plenty of curve balls and depending on what they are, each person will react differently.  If you’re someone who explores those reactions, those feelings that arise from each situation; then you’re also someone who notices how each affects your day to day. This is also why you’re looking for alternatives on managing certain feelings, the ones that take away from you and make you unfocused, even unmotivated.  Frustration is one of those feelings.

I always make it a point to put it out there that just because something can cause an unwanted reaction or tendency doesn’t mean it has to be judged good or bad.  The reason for pointing this out is that when you label something, when you judge it, you’re automatically skewing your potential to learn from it (from that experience, from that situation or that thought or interaction).  Also, you’re tainting your feelings with judgement and making it that much harder to let go of that something because your judgement is exactly what is making you hold on.  Release the judgement, release the situation, thing, idea, person, etc.

So, the first bit of advice with frustration is to allow yourself to feel the feeling without telling yourself it’s good or bad.  Acknowledging your frustration without labeling it helps you to diminish the mixed emotions that may arise from you being upset at allowing yourself to get frustrated.  I say this because individuals who are on an inner growth journey, ones who are pursuing self-completion and life happiness have the tendency to look at these moments of conflicts as potential setbacks or that they should know better than to fall in this emotional cycle.  If you remove this type of judgement from yourself, you allow frustration to be, which also reduces the emotional hold it has on you in that moment.

Next is to explore why you’re so frustrated; what is it that bothered you the most of the situation or interaction, everything that led to this moment of frustration.  Through this type of exploration, you are sure that frustration is not handling you; and even though control is something you don’t want to cling on to either, it is nice to be able and take a step back and gain a better view of what’s going on.  Stepping back also gives you room to see options that you may have missed before due to the blindness caused by that overwhelming feeling of frustration.

Feeling feelings, even those of frustration, is an amazing experience and it is one that you can gain so much from if you remember that this is exactly what that moment is, it’s an experience.  What you do with that experience is up to you.  How do you want it to affect your life?  How do you want to look at that feeling?  Are you happy with what comes next?  Anything that comes after that moment of frustration is up to you and each time it happens your next moment, your next outcome can be different or the same.  The possibilities are unlimited, but in the meantime, you got to live a feeling, a moment, a time.

How do you handle frustration to avoid letting it handle you?  Can’t wait to hear about it 🙂


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