Overcoming that heavy feeling that weighs you down

One of the feelings people talk about when they’re going through one of those really tough moments in life is that heavy feeling that weighs you down.  That feeling you get in your chest, the one that feels like there is this heavy something that is compressing against your heart and that makes you feel like your body is so heavy it’s about to break the ground.  It isn’t just about the weighed down feeling either, it’s also the accompanied feelings of loss and/or despair (depending on the situation) that make this moment even more challenging.  So, how can someone make that moment better?  And how can someone work on overcoming it in the long run?

The mind is a beautiful thing because it is what can allow us to help ourselves, especially in those heavy feeling, weighed down moments.  Now, the first thing you want to do is to explore what you do when you’re in that funk.  What do you think about?  Does your mind wonder off to heavy thoughts or does it think of uplifting and lighter thoughts?  Knowing this and acting on this will immediately take some of that weight off. If you’re feeling weighed down by life and you build up on that with more stuff, you are automatically adding weight.  Also, the tendency for every one of us is to go that route; I mean, if you’re in a bad mood, happy thoughts don’t just magically appear (at first).  This is why it takes you wanting to lift the weight, and putting in the initial effort to stop the same thought pattern from taking place when you’re in a funk.

With the knowledge of what pattern your thoughts take, you’ve maintained or at least not added to that heavy feeling.  If you have never done this, it will take some time and you must be patient with yourself.  Getting upset isn’t going to help you lift any heavy feeling, but it will only add to it.  Once you feel good with how you’re doing at breaking the heavy thought pattern, you want to move on to exploring the why of that heavy feeling that weighs you down.

There’s always a why, somewhere deep down; there’s a why this situation or that person triggered this heavy feeling.  The why is our own belief or our own judgement, or our own something.  Once again, our mind is the creator and only by looking for answers within will you find solutions that work for you and with the external.

Lifting the heavy feeling that weighs us down is no easy task.  It is very much like lifting weights if you think about it.  The more you lift weights, the more your muscles strengthen and the more they can do and lift easily.  The more you uplift yourself by avoiding additional heavy feeling thoughts and the more you look inside to understand why you feel so heavy, and resolve those whys with yourself; the sooner you’ll have overcome that heavy feeling that weighed you down.

What has been your experience with those heavy feeling weighed down moments in life?  How did you overcome them?


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