What do you see when you look back at your life

Have you ever looked back at all that’s happened up to today and where you’re at in your life?  Do you get mixed feelings, happy feelings or sad feelings when you do this?  Are you satisfied with what you’ve learned and accomplished or do you feel like you haven’t learned or accomplished much?  Or maybe you think that you could’ve done more?  These questions are only some of the ones that come to mind to start a conversation on such an important topic.  Looking back brings different thoughts and feelings with it, within us; those thoughts and feelings depend a lot on our focus when we look back.

If you look back by focusing on where you’re not today compared to where you want to be or thought you would be, it’s normal that you only see what you haven’t done.  If you look back without thinking of where you want to be on the other hand, you give yourself the opportunity to see all that you have done.  I’m not saying setting goals isn’t something you should do, but if today you are not where you want to be, focusing on that won’t offer any additional guidance.  Also, it doesn’t allow you to see the things you have done.

Looking back without your expectations in the forefront is what gets you to notice the little details, those details that include the challenges you’ve faced in life, the different people you’ve met, the knowledge you’ve acquired and the emotional things you’ve been through.  Being able to see what you’ve overcome and realizing the circumstances that surround you and that you’re not in control of, but that don’t sway you from moving forward, are all great achievements.  Achievements that go unnoticed if looking back with a focus on what you don’t have that you thought you would have or that you wanted to have (today).

If you’re a person who on the other hand knows life has its challenges and that you can’t foresee everything that will or won’t happen, your focus is in a place of openness when looking back.  This focus allows you to notice the changes that have taken place and the achievements you’ve accomplished, even if they may be intangible.  Looking back with a focus on life before today, without expectations of what should be or what you want to be, allows you to see all that you’ve done and will also keep you motivated to what’s next.

Looking back and noticing just how far you’ve come is something that every person deserves to see because there’s no way that in life you haven’t gained, learned, and/or given something.  Minimizing these amazing stepping stones in your life doesn’t help you to be all that you can be, and it’s also quite unfair to yourself, if you ask me.

Now you, what do you think about looking back?  And when you look back at your life what do you see?


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