Why does there have to be struggle in life

How many of you think struggle is part of life?  That if you want to get something or somewhere, you have to fight for it?  How many of you believe everything happens without having to fight to conquer it all?  That things happen quite naturally, as long as movement is in place?  Or how about that process and achieving something naturally takes time to evolve and come to fruition, that is all?

I ask these questions because at the bottom of struggle in life is this belief that you have to work for what you want to achieve otherwise you won’t get anywhere.  It’s not the sentence in itself, of course there is “work” behind every action if you’re going to get from place A to Z, but the weight given to “work,” as if it’s this insurmountable obstacle and that the road is going to be so arduous and painful; that added feeling is brought about by the way part of the world decided to portray this idea of working to get what you want.

A good portion of people in this world promote the struggle life notion that many people feel everyday and use to acknowledge what their journey will be like.  I still recall going through it myself; the internal heaviness that came from contemplating all the decisions I had made up till that moment and seeing only a fraction of where I had envisioned myself being after doing that.  This feeling did not motivate me, maybe the quotes and inspirational messages of people who had climbed their mountain did; but all my moment did was drain me of energy and make me feel powerless.  As life started showing signs of me being on the right path by materializing situations and events, it dawned on me that struggle didn’t have to be part of the equation.  It wasn’t that heavy feeling that helped me get anywhere, it was me steadily pursuing what I believed in wholeheartedly.  It was that simple; and in that moment of realization, a weight was lifted off my shoulders and everything became so much easier from there on.

I share this tidbit in the hopes that it helps you reflect on your struggles and realize that it doesn’t have to be that way, that heavy.  There may be those who advocate tough insurmountable challenges or maybe it is because of that toughness that you are pursuing your goals.  There are people who thrive in the extreme opposite feeling conditions (high stress, high reward).  If that’s the case, this means struggle is in tune with you and part of what will help you get where you want in life.  But if you notice that you’re not a life struggle type person, that your day to day struggles bring you down and drain you of your energy, you can change the scenario.  It takes some time and self-awareness, refraining from seeing everything as a battle, and entrusting your thoughts to life and your inner knowledge of what your path is meant to be.  All you have to do is make a choice and go from there.

Whether you’re a person who chooses struggle in life or belief in life, you will get to where you’re meant to be, you will achieve all that is going to be a part of your life.  It’s simply a matter of time.

What do you think about struggle in life?


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