What do you believe in and how do you handle the opposite?

Life has its ups and downs because things stay in motion as long as we are alive.  Usually the things that bring us down are things we hold to our heart, disagree with or take personally due to its impact in our life.  It always comes down to our belief, what’s in our peripheral view and how it touches our own lives.  This is what makes life so challenging sometimes, interacting with the events outside of you and trying to come to terms with them when disharmony takes place.

Attributing good or bad to the things you believe in and the things that happen outside of you don’t solve how you feel in that moment or what is happening necessarily.  Let me point out, I am not talking about the societal system or laws or politics, this is for beliefs and events that take place within your life and that you deal with on an emotional level.

When you know what you believe in, you set the stage for expectations and desires; which automatically produces the opposite or different than what you want and have/will come to expect as you continue living life with your belief as your perspective on everything and anything that comes your way.  We talked about struggle last week, and today I ask you to focus on your belief and to think about how it plays a role in everything that is opposite of what you believe in and want, and have come to expect for yourself.

The hypothetical is not a doomsday situation, but rather an internal situation of frustration or anger that comes and goes through time.  It is influenced by how you look at the opposite, what feelings you focus on for long periods of time, what thoughts you lean towards, what conclusions you come to, and if you decide to keep going and let go of having the opposite change when there is nothing you can do to change it.

What you believe in will always be a part of you, but how you choose to handle what is opposite of that internally affects your day to day by affecting your mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing.  This is why it’s so important to be able and let go.  Holding on to certain emotions doesn’t help you move forward.  Your beliefs can get you far, but only if they are what you choose to allow to lead the way in your day to day decisions.  If you’ve got the opposite events running the show by being up front and center (in your day to day view), then that is what you will see and that is what, no matter your belief, your life will be.

Handling those things that are opposite of what we believe in comes as a challenge because of their closeness to who we are and how we would like to lead our life, etc.  This is why they are the most challenging to understand; but also why they are what open us up to our deepest inner self, which in turn allows us to make humongous strides when it comes to self-completion and life harmony.

What do you think about what you believe in and handling the opposite, and how this affects your life?


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