Working through your insecurities

One of the biggest challenges people face are insecurities. They’re tough to deal with because insecurities are those areas of ourselves and our lives that we doubt…

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One of the biggest challenges people face are insecurities.  They’re tough to deal with because insecurities are those areas of ourselves and our lives that we doubt.  They wouldn’t be insecurities in the absence of doubt, and it is that doubt that makes them so overwhelmingly hard to overcome on our own.  However, it isn’t impossible to overcome them, and you are the last piece to the puzzle that is needed to cast all doubt away.

Before you can even work on your insecurities you need to identify them.  Once you’re aware of them, recognizing your self-judgement of those areas is also required.  Even though our insecurities stem from the interaction of us with the outside world, we solidify them with our own judgement.  This is why you must also be aware of your self-judgement if you’re going to work through your insecurities.  You can point your finger to the outside world, their definitions and system to find where your insecurities come from, but you are just as involved in the process as they are.

With clarity of those insecurities and an in-depth exploration of your judgement on each individual insecurity, you gain active awareness.  This allows you to know what you’re facing clearly, which consequently allows you to decide or start exploring your options.  In the meantime, your support system is important since it can help you by giving you strength and a sense of security to overcome and dissolve your insecurities.  If your support system isn’t the best, then your road will be somewhat more arduous to walk; nevertheless, with your own judgement in the forefront and your desire to rid yourself of doubt you will be able to move forward.

The real question you’ll want to answer is if you truly believe in your heart that those areas of yourself and/or your life that you doubt are things you know are only in your head.  Meaning that you believe you shouldn’t be insecure about anything or that at the very least, there is something you can do to remedy the situation.  This belief is what will make the difference in you working through and resolving your insecurities once and for all.

Your focus should not be on the time it takes to resolve your insecurities or involve comparisons with others and how they work through theirs.  If that’s what you’re looking to as your indicators of success or failure, you’re not working through your insecurities, but rather adding to them.  Your focus needs to be on your belief that those insecurities can be removed.  Your focus needs to be on your heart and knowledge that you’re fine just the way you are, even if those insecurities potentially stick around.

If you believe in yourself truly, from the depths of your heart, you will have the love needed and the lack of self-judgement to get you to work through those insecurities and dissolve them, even if that dissolution meant accepting yourself with those insecurities.  Once accepted as a part of you, they are no longer insecurities because doubt does not surround them, because you are not judging yourself for having those characteristics and/or being in a certain situation.

What do you think about insecurities?  How do you work through them?  How have you helped someone work through theirs?

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