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Inner Growth Word of The Day 171 – Perfection

Your view and emotional response to perfection can all indicate something deeper about your idea of excellence and something good in your life. Exploring these aspects allows you to uncover these deeper meanings, which also brings you to change something or accept something as perfect just the way it is. This type of contemplation and awareness lead to inner growth due to that which you uncover and the steps you take to ensure you’re always on a path that leads to inner peace and joy.

Inner Growth Word of The Day 170 – Pet peeve

When it comes to pet peeves and inner growth, knowing what yours are and realizing that they are personal expectations or desires on others (how to behave or not behave, what to do or what not to do, and so on) allows you to remember that you manage how these pet peeves affect you, but also that these pet peeves are constructed by you as well; and therefore, can be removed and/or changed at any time. With this level of awareness and knowledge, inner growth takes place as you explore your pet peeves and decide on where they stand in your day to day life and decisions, or interactions with others, and so on.

Inner Growth Word of The Day 169 – Compromise

Exploring the types of compromises you make and how you feel about them later on give you insight into what tweaks you want to make to the way you approach compromises so that you always ensure you’re in harmony with yourself. With this level of awareness and thought process inner growth is achieved as is making future compromises that don’t entail regret at some point later on.

Inner Growth Word of The Day 168 – Materialism

Knowing what role materialism plays in your life is something that when explored reveals the value you ascribe to material things, which brings inner growth by allowing you to consciously choose how you want to manage this in your life.

Inner Growth Word of The Day 166 – Guilt

Exploring the feelings of guilt that you experience help you to take a look at the things you do and if there is actually something to blame yourself for or if you are feeling that you should be blamed for beliefs you have on the matter. This insight can help you resolve these areas that you hold against yourself when you shouldn’t and this brings about inner growth as you pursue resolving them within yourself.

Inner Growth Word of The Day 165 – External drive

An external drive is something that stems from outside of you and exploring how exactly it affects you, and gets you to take action, gives you insights into inner triggers that push you to think, feel or do something. With this knowledge inner growth takes place because you are now aware of inner triggers activated by the external, which means you can work with those inner triggers and transform them as you see fit from within and not as a consequence of the external.

Inner Growth Word of The Day 164 – Liberating

The things that are liberating for you are worth exploring as they give you a clear idea of the different things that weigh you down or cause a sense of imprisonment (so to speak). Those “heavy” concerns and/or thoughts are what you become aware of and decide to accept or do something about, which consequently lead you to inner growth.

Inner Growth Word of The Day 163 – Changeable

Taking notice of the changeable aspects within us allows to identify why this takes place. An in-depth knowledge of this characteristic brings you to know yourself better and create harmony within on those circumstances where changeable behavior is applied. Awareness and transformation are what then can lead to inner growth for you.

Inner Growth Word of The Day 162 – Consistency

A look at where consistency is present and where it’s not in your life gets you to take a second look at the things you’re doing versus the things you’re saying. This exploration allows you to find where harmony is needed and when absent why that is the case. The result is inner growth as you bring harmony to each area you explore of consistency within you; and as you bring to awareness, those areas that are complete in consistency already.

Inner Growth Word of The Day 161 – Multifaceted

Multifaceted aspects allow you to explore the different components and layers to your person (behavior, tendencies, beliefs, etc.) and/or situations (life events). This gives insights into all the parts of who you are or of the situation. With this type of information, inner growth is created thanks to the awareness you have, which then allows you to not only understand yourself and the events that take place in your life better, but also to take actions on what you’d like to change.