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Inner Growth Exercise of The Day 355 – A short story from the past – Duality Through Inner Growth

Sharing with you a story from the past on duality through inner growth; the experiences that led me to neutrality thanks to inner growth and unconditional love; how the inner growth journey and mindset came to be thanks to my past in duality; the freedom you gain when you break free from the limits of duality without neutrality and how it’s not about eliminating duality; and how unconditional love for self, others and the external is at its core and foundation and why.

Inner Growth Exercise of The Day 354 – The Power Behind Communication and Interpretation

Exploring the power behind communication and interpretation; freedom of expression when it comes to the use of words; reality and the external; the human elements and inner growth; and how your inner world, mind and heart, is always available to you in any moment you raise your consciousness to it and empower it, by allowing it, to be your primary guide and ultimate decision maker on matters in your life like communication and interpretation.

Inner Growth Exercise of The Day 353 – Conscious Living Through Inner Growth

Exploring conscious living through inner growth; how everyone is in this space in their own way; how to look to information that gives guidance on this way of life while keeping in the forefront your heart’s guidance and the essence of you; the inner harmony that comes from conscious living from within; and the ever evolving nature of a conscious living journey when doing it through inner growth.

Inner Growth Exercise of The Day 352 – “Be Yourself” short story – The Key Is Always You

A bit of intro on the Inspiring Human Potential blog and podcast “Be Yourself” story series; sharing my “Be Yourself” short story to inspire from the heart, and expand on some different ways of pursuing inner growth and leading with heart that I’ve personally gone through; how and why the key is always you from the heart with unconditional love for self and life; the human elements and depth to the journey to the essence of you, of trying to simply be you from the unique heart and mind of you in a way that is loving and respectful toward self, others, and the unknowns in life; and how it is really a forever journey, in a way that is growing from the mind and heart by being yourself, with nothing but awe and excitement at the new lessons that await you along the way.

Inner Growth Exercise of The Day 351 – No One Can Make You Believe In Anything

Exploring how no one can make you believe in anything; how your belief is something that begins with the external, but perseveres from the internal, that is, within you, at the heart level, from the depths of you; how there are those who say you don’t believe anything yourself in essence, but why that doesn’t really matter, depending on what you believe or don’t believe; how this believing and not believing is something that will always leave anyone wondering, until the decision from the heart, their own heart, on what they believe or don’t believe is made; and how the inner growth journey and mindset get you to go within and use the human elements and the essence of you to pursue a learning and inner-centering path/course when it comes to life matters, important emotional and conflicting matters, and day-to-day situations that are essentially dealing with a belief that you’re not settled on quite yet from within you (with the entirety of you – mind and heart).

Inner Growth Exercise of The Day 350 – Everything Begins With A Thought

Exploring how everything begins with a thought; how you are the puppeteer of your thoughts or better said, the master and transformer of them; how the foundation/starting point of your thoughts begins with the human elements provided by the external and how they are ever-evolving depending on when you consciously acknowledge that your thoughts come from your mind connecting the dots and therefore can be worked with, expanded on, re-elaborated, and transformed; why your feelings/emotions are important in this acknowledgement and thought process transformation, this open-ended evolution, ascension, awakening to heart and consciousness; how your heart always leads the way, but can only come forth in its infinite loving potential if you raise your consciousness to the connection of your thoughts and heart from within you; why there’s always the need of you to shift your awareness and focus to within to see and grow your inner power through growing your mind and heart talk while working with the external that is a part of life; and how this inner growth journey is ever-evolving for as long as new thoughts begin and end from within you with love in your heart for life, learning, growing, expanding the human elements of you and the essence of you, and more.

Inner Growth Exercise of The Day 349 – Stop Getting Hijacked By Others’ Emotions

Exploring how to stop getting hijacked by others’ emotions by understanding mirror neurons and human behavior with inner growth in mind; how through the mirror that comes with human interactions you can learn about you, the essence of you and areas where you can grow unconditional love; how through neutrality and inner power you realize that on one can hijack you, your thoughts/mind, or your emotions; and why a learning, loving, and inner growth mindset when you pick up the emotional state and intentions of others leads you to accessing and being (becoming) your infinite higher potential more and more.

Inner Growth Exercise of The Day 348 – How Conceptualizing Consciously Helps You Deal With Life’s Unknowns

Exploring how conceptualizing consciously helps you deal with life’s unknowns; what this means when applied and how inner growth gets you on this path from within, with your heart and mind, with the human elements, and with all that you conceptualize with to bring things to consciousness for you as a person, in your life, and day-to-day; why whatever is not in your consciousness is unknown and cause for fear aspects; and how these fear aspects are resolved as you pursue inner growth and raise your consciousness to them with an open and unconditionally loving heart, alongside the external world’s information that begins your conceptualization of things in your conscious mind.

Inner Growth Exercise of The Day 347 – Getting In Touch With The Essence Of You and The Brain

Exploring getting in touch with the essence of you and the brain; putting into words your inner world from within and with yourself through inner growth, unconditional love, and your inner power which is the access to your heart and mind in partnership with the external that provides the information, experiences, and initial place of consciousness you begin your inner exploration with and then create the tangible needed from within for the essence of you to exist in your life through all that you are and all that you do; and how this infinite inner journey brings the unimaginable into reality in your every day, every thought, every feeling, and so on.

Inner Growth Exercise of The Day 346 – Understanding Habitual Thoughts and The Brain

Exploring understanding habitual thoughts and the brain by taking a look at neural pathways; how the infinite potential of humanity is visible not only when you explore the heart and mind connect, but also when you uncover the mechanisms of the brain and the adaptation, malleability, that can take place; and how the inner growth journey and mindset get you to put into practice what your brain can naturally do and get you to transform habitual thoughts into new ones that you choose from the heart and mind, with the essence of you and the human elements involved, including the brain’s mechanisms explained so that you gain in-depth knowledge of the amazing being you are in the entirety of you as you choose the opportunity for inner harmony and higher potential when faced with inner conflict due to something that has taken place in life that your habitual thoughts keep you stuck in and that you’re ready to get unstuck from to move forward with love in the forefront.