How can you handle your frustration to make it better

Frustration gets the best of you if you let it.  When you’re frustrated it feels good to vent and let it out, but what happens if that frustration isn’t dealt with?  It just sits there and the feeling isn’t pretty.  It’s a vicious cycle to just let your frustration repeat itself over and over again.  Even though the situation may pass and you won’t get frustrated for some time, the same situation could present itself again; and then what?  You get upset again, and start all over.  If on the other hand, you take that frustration and try to deal with it; you will not only learn something about yourself, but you will also stop the repeat cycle.

Frustrations come about because something happens that you don’t like or don’t want.  Someone pushes your buttons or a day you had planned to the last detail ends up going in a totally different direction (just because, or maybe because of something or someone else).  The first thing to do in a situation where frustration arises is to take a step back and remember that for one, what’s done is done.  Whatever just happened that caused your frustration is already in the past.  Now, it’s up to you to take a closer look at yourself and understand what is causing the frustration.

If your frustration is based on the actions of another person, you need to keep in mind that you can’t control people’s actions.  You should also know that your frustration arises from what you believe that person should have done or not done.  This isn’t to say that you’re in the wrong, but when two people come together to do something (or just by chance) it’s only normal that there could be different behaviors, responses, and actions to the same situation.  In understanding what you expected from the situation you can talk yourself through the frustration and make plans for future scenarios that are similar to the one you just experienced.

When frustration arises from an incident, but where nobody else was involved, it is up to you to remember that another thing you don’t control include events outside of you.  Frustration won’t help you change what just happened, but after sharing the moment with someone move on to the exploration.  Find out what exactly ticked you off and think about how you could prepare for a similar event or change your reaction.

The only reason you’re reading this blog is if you’re interested in transforming your frustration so that you can move passed it and try to minimize or even get rid of that frustration altogether moving forward.  It isn’t bad to get frustrated, but it doesn’t do much for you either.  By taking your frustration and using it to understand yourself better, as well as deciding on what actions you’d like to take if the same things happen (instead of getting frustrated); you allow yourself to meet life’s unexpected events with a calmer attitude.

How do you deal with frustration and what are some ways you moved passed it?


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