Tag: Inner Growth of The Day

Inner Growth Word of The Day 343 – Unemotional

A look at those things that are unemotional to you in life give you the opportunity to pursue inner growth as you uncover why they don’t bring about a type of emotional response.


Inner Growth Word of The Day 175 – Inspiration

A look at the inspiration in your life and how inspiration affects you from within, as well as in the actions it brings you to take, gives you an in-depth knowledge of your emotional connections and triggers, your beliefs and inner drive. This exploration allows you to further that connection or transform it thanks to your level of awareness and this leads to inner growth.

Inner Growth Word of The Day 93 – Giving

Everyone is giving in one way or another, exploring when and why you are giving allows you to arrive at the root of your reasons for giving. This is important for inner growth because sometimes we are giving, but we are giving because we want something in return (even if that something is an expectation). In these instances, an individual who is looking to grow will understand that the act of giving with any type of return expected is not giving in the true sense of giving. At the same time, even if the reasons found for giving are not in tune with the true nature of giving, someone can choose to accept themselves as is and this still brings about inner growth because a higher level of self-awareness has been established between one’s self.

Inner Growth Word of The Day 39 – Flexibility

Flexibility can serve your inner growth by revealing those things, ideas, people, and so on, that you hold on to versus the opposite (the things you’re more open to). This allows you to explore both inclinations and identify if there is a deeper meaning and reason for why you’re more flexible towards some things or people versus others.