Month: February 2017

Inner Growth Word of The Day 59 – Unfriendly

When dealing with an unfriendly situation or person, staying neutral allows you to keep an open mind, and will lead you to uncover things about the situation or person and also about yourself that you would have not otherwise seen. If you are the unfriendly person, then exploring what creates hostility towards others or circumstances is a great place to start for steps towards inner growth.


Inner Growth Word of The Day 55 – False

When you think of something false you can explore your reasons for thinking so; but what if you define some things and actions as false, but they are not false to the person or situation at hand. The idea of false falls within those categories determined by our society, and inner growth can come from you questioning those definitions, as well as behaviors which you consider false, but that the person embodying them sees as true to them.

Inner Growth Word of The Day 54 – Judgment

Judgment is a tricky one because sometimes it closes us off to evaluating alternative insights on a specific person or situation. On the other hand, it is good that one decides for themselves that something or someone is how they’ve decided. When it comes to inner growth, exploring why your judgment on ideas, people or situations are what they are can help. Through your questions, you understand your judgment better. You also allow for external inputs to have some voice and add to your insights instead of being closed off to them from the start.

What do you see when you think about the things that have changed in your life

When you think about the things that have changed in your life, what do you see? Do you stop to notice the types of traits you’ve acquired, some of the changes that have taken place to other traits that you thought would always be the same? Do you stop to see the transformation that has taken place within following what you’ve experienced outside of you through life?

Inner Growth Word of The Day 53 – Open-minded

Someone who’s open-minded tends to take in more information than someone who’s closed off to new and/or different information and opinions. This mindset helps inner growth because it means that you’re not judging or shutting out what’s being shared with you.

Inner Growth Word of The Day 52 – Right

The idea of right is something that gets you to look inside when you decide to dive deep into why you label something right or not. You also realize how open or not you are to life and experiences when you explore your relationship with right.

Inner Growth Word of The Day 51 – Arrogance

Encountering arrogance in others can allow you to remember that how you feel about yourself depends on you and not on somebody else’s sense of worth. You’re also able to put into practice this self-appreciation attitude and feeling. Now, if you’re the arrogant one on the other hand, then you have an opportunity to explore why that is and what is missing.