What do you see when you think about the things that have changed in your life

When you think about the things that have changed in your life, what do you see?  Do you stop to notice the types of traits you’ve acquired, some of the changes that have taken place to other traits that you thought would always be the same?  Do you stop to see the transformation that has taken place within following what you’ve experienced outside of you through life?

It’s quite easy to see the things that change in our outside world: career, household, people in our lives, acquired knowledge, income, etc.; but for the inside the lines aren’t always that clear nor should they be.  Since your essence is without form, even though it may be defined a certain way by those outside of you, it can take any shape or form it would like.  Although, the world has its generalizations, when it comes to how you are inside, it’s up to you to paint your picture.

You don’t only paint your picture, but you also know the true colors that make up your picture.  Personally, when I look at changes to the inside, I see more of a transformation than a change per se.  People I’ve known for many years have “changed” somewhat, but they essentially are the same in those pieces that make up their foundation.  Those components of them have through time and life experiences gotten them to be more of that one thing or less of it, but the component is still there.  So for example, someone who tends to take on very difficult challenges and be hard on themselves if they don’t succeed the way they wanted to; in time they have gotten a bit softer on themselves, but they still hold themselves to getting things done.

I like to think that life shares with us experiences that can help us dig deep and think about how we’re thinking, behaving, or feeling.  For sure, it seems like a trend for people as they get older to “soften” and be more patient with themselves, as well as with life.  On the other hand, there are plenty of older people that I know who are not patient at all, so it really depends.  All I do know, is that if you stop to take a look at your traits from inside, I know you’ll be able to see the transformations that have taken place so far thanks to life.  Some you may like, others you may not, and to those that you don’t like, I would say it’s a good place to start asking questions and seeing what you can do to change them.

What do you think about life and the changes and/or transformations that have come about?  Did you ever expect it to be this way?


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