Author: Maria Florio

Inner Growth Word of The Day 223 – Talk down

The need to feel superior to someone else or to make someone else feel “smaller,” whether done intentionally or unconsciously is an opportunity for inner growth since it represents the need to fill a void or a lack of certainty as to where one stands. If you are being talked down to by another this is also an opportunity for inner growth because you can show empathy and actually help the person see what is really going on through their actions.

Inner Growth Word of The Day 222 – Learning

Inner growth has everything to do with learning, but it is how you decide to apply what you learn that can lead to growth or stifle growth. As long as you explore within as you are learning and stay open as much as possible to hearing your heart, you will hear and follow growth for your inner self.

Dealing with uncertainty to overcome the struggles that come with it

I’ve recently started a podcast to accompany the Inspiring Human Potential blog and interestingly enough, some of the topics that resonated the most on the blog, also resonated as topics on the podcast. Uncertainty was one of those topics. Since uncertainty plays such an important part of our life I thought we’d talk a bit about it and overcoming the challenges that come with it.

Inner Growth Word of The Day 221 – Lethargic

Moments where you’re lethargic are worth looking into because you will find that there’s something in that moment or situation that isn’t resonating with you at all. Lack of energy is an indication of something being disconnected with what you want from a heart and soul perspective to what path you’re on. For this reason exploring your lethargic moments can bring inner growth and allow you to pursue your heart’s path towards a harmonious and happy life.

Inner Growth Word of The Day 220 – Thorough

Inner growth involves being thorough, which is why you most likely are thorough in all you do as you pursue inner growth. It is automatic for you and as you live your day to day with thorough thinking, you will see an endless number of learning lessons as you experience life.

Inner Growth Word of The Day 219 – Individuality

A look at what your individuality encompasses gives you the possibility to explore how you interact with others and yourself, and what things you could look to modify if need be so that you can maintain your individuality but without affecting anyone else’s individuality. Individuality and inner growth go hand in hand as your individuality is what makes you you, but you also want to relate to others which is where awareness of your individuality helps.

Inner Growth Word of The Day 218 – Job

Exploring the way you feel about your job and what lead you up to it gives you insights into the things you enjoy doing and can help you uncover the things you enjoy doing if you’re not happy with the job you have now. This deep dive brings about inner growth through the awareness of the things you enjoy and by allowing you through awareness to take actions that can lead you towards a job that brings you joy.

Inner Growth Word of The Day 217 – Following

Exploring the way you apply following in your life allows you to gain insights in to how you pursue something that comes next and/or who you look to for finding out what’s next. In any case this analysis lets you uncover areas that you will want to remember so that you know where your decisions come from at times and what you can change if you don’t like what you’re seeing from your decisions. All of this brings inner growt

Inner Growth Word of The Day 216 – Instinct

Taking a step back to explore your instinct in different scenarios and events allows you to have in sight things that could be considered triggers, as you learn those triggers and see what makes them so important to you (through your thinking about them) you gain inner growth in knowledge and the opportunity to transform your triggers, as well as identify your instinct to react when it’s happening.

Inner Growth Word of The Day 215 – Heavy heart

Sometimes from our deepest pains, we find our deepest answers; the same goes for a heavy heart. Leading you to look within and contemplate so much about you and your life brings inner growth because following that thorough and in-depth moment you will find more of yourself and the solutions you will use to move forward from that emotional state and moment.