communication between people is simple inspiring human potential the keys to inner growth and following your heart by Maria Florio

Simple Communication Achieved From The Heart By Speaking Your Truth

Communication is a very simple thing. The only reason it gets complicated or hard is because people don’t speak their truth from the heart.

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Communication is a very simple thing.

The only reason it gets complicated or hard is because people don’t speak their truth from the heart.

In holding back their truth, their true thoughts and feelings, they accumulate emotions and thoughts.

Hypotheticals and feelings build up and weigh down their consciousness creating worry, stress, a heavy heart and burdens from within.

It is very unnecessary, but for some the courage to speak from the heart with nothing but the truth is very scary due to vulnerability.

So, be compassionate to those who do not speak their truth to you and simply choose what your next steps will be.

And for you

Choose to speak your truth from the heart with respect towards others.

In doing this you transform all your communication efforts to something simple, lighthearted, seamless, joyful, and loving.


Maria – FNM


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