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Inner Growth Exercise of The Day 141 – Keeping An Open Heart After It’s Been Broken

Exploring keeping an open heart after it’s been broken; how inner growth assists you in doing this; why it’s important to identify all the ways and deeper levels of the defense mechanisms that take place from within due to hurt and fear; how the gender divide requires neutrality and harmony to transform it into knowledge from the heart and not perpetuating divide that brings fear or holds you back; and how it’s only a true open heart that can connect you at a heart level with all, allowing you and others to know it’s ok to be vulnerable.


Inner Growth Exercise of The Day 140 – The Endless Reservoir Of Truth In Your Heart

Exploring the endless reservoir of truth in your heart; how this truth transforms as you peel back the layers with love and heart for self and others; why inner growth is a fundamental part of seeing the layers with heart and pursuing expansion as you awaken to you, your inner core, and the essence of you; and what difference takes place once you reach a state of truth from the heart, of pure love and life energy, of neutrality and consciousness of being able to choose love and life as your experience to bring forth with your truths from the heart and in your heart.

Inner Growth Exercise of The Day 139 – Accessing Your Higher Human Potential

Exploring accessing your higher human potential; what the phrase “it’s only human” can do when you raise your consciousness to it with inner growth in mind; how love leads you to higher for your life and the world around you; why accessing that higher is up to what your belief on higher human potential is; and how to use the inner and outer knowledge you know in the moment of accessing the potential for more is what can help you move to that next higher step, again and again, and again.

Inner Growth Exercise of The Day 138 – Trust In Yourself and You Will Trust In Others

Exploring trust in yourself and how it brings trust in others, but not in the way you think; how an inner growth journey gets you to continuously grow self-trust in all areas of your life and remove the armor that holds you back from many things; and how acknowledging uncertainty plays a role throughout this process.

Inner Growth Exercise of The Day 137 – Vulnerability, Learning and Applying Through Inner Growth

Exploring vulnerability, learning and applying through inner growth; how this self-discovery journey affects your life not only in areas of vulnerability, but also in the expansion of your life consciousness; why it’s important to recognize the information learned up to the moment you consciously choose to go within, to awaken to you, your inner core, the essence of you; and how the never-ending ways application takes place adds to the inner growth journey, personal development path, and ascension to bring forth your heart’s pure love and life in all that you are, say and do.

Inner Growth Exercise of The Day 136 – Remembering To Go Within For Your Answers

Exploring remembering to go within for your answers; why this is fundamental if you’re going to unlock your unlimited potential; how opposite spectrums of human knowledge play a role; why it’s an inner harmony and love work only you can do from the heart, the essence of you, and the depths of your inner core; and in what ways only you can identify when you’re setting limits instead of adding knowledge, going within, and creating your inner and outer harmony for the full expression of the unlimited essence of you in collaboration with the tangible, external, world you are a part of and live in.

Inner Growth Exercise of The Day 135 – Taking Ownership Of Your Life From The Heart

Exploring taking ownership of your life from the heart; the challenges that take place when doing this and how inner growth gets you to overcome them and move beyond permanently from the heart and through a continuous raising of consciousness and expansion of you, the essence of you, your inner core, your higher unlimited potential; and why once you take ownership of your life from the heart everything that comes your way never again holds you back, instead it always adds growth, expansion, opportunity, and more.

Inner Growth Exercise of The Day 134 – Respecting Your Voice and Uniqueness

Exploring respecting your voice and uniqueness; what types of challenges come with this; how inner growth gets you to make this choice with love and respect towards self & others; why neutrality and unconditional love play a role in your choice; and how this enables you to go with the flow and pursue heart-felt choices, as well as your higher unlimited potential.

Inner Growth Exercise of The Day 133 – Redefining A Problem To Find A Solution

Exploring redefining a problem to find a solution; how this enables you to break free from any limit that blinds you from possible solutions; why inner growth helps you in the moment to go beyond and pursue your solution(s); and how raising your consciousness to more is also a part of what takes place in the moment (when you’re redefining a problem to find a solution).

Inner Growth Exercise of The Day 132 – Unconditional Love In Inner Growth

Exploring unconditional love in inner growth; the role unconditional love has in your life; different aspects of conditional love versus unconditional love; how applying unconditional love in inner growth gets you to then share the same to others and in life; and why it’s so important to your tapping in to the higher unlimited potential you hold within.