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Inner Growth Exercise of The Day 20 – Experience, Awareness, and Knowing

Exploring experience, awareness, and knowing through inner growth; what does this look like from a personal growth perspective; how does it play out in where you’re at in your inner growth journey, most importantly what do you get to uncover about you and your unlimited potential in each step of the different levels of this inner growth journey; and how does your mindset play a fundamental role in everything, as well as how far you’ll go.


Inner Growth Exercise of The Day 19 – Reevaluating Your Relationships For The Best

Exploring reevaluating your relationships for the best; how inner growth brings you to reevaluate from your inner core and heart, in a way that allows you to let go of what is holding you back from more while sharing unconditional love with others; the different experiences and ways you can bring forth reevaluation of your relationships without having to go through ups and downs; and why raising your consciousness to inner growth and the neutrality in duality brings you to find ongoing harmony with this process of reevaluating from the heart and for the best for you and all.

Inner Growth Exercise of The Day 18 – Overcome Deep Hurt With Love

Exploring overcoming deep hurt with love; how your inner growth journey and mindset play a role; why love makes a difference as you go through these tough moments; how raising your consciousness to the power of your mind and inner core (heart) helps you to also unlock your potential and unlimited opportunities; and why anything not supporting of unconditional love towards yourself and all (in the world) doesn’t help in the same way.

Inner Growth Exercise of The Day 17 – Letting Go Of Things That Bother You

Exploring letting go of things that bother you; the different ways you let go of these things depending on where you’re at in your inner growth journey; how letting go raises your consciousness and awareness to your inner core, heart, the essence of you, in a way that helps you bring it forth in everything you do; and thanks to pursuing letting go of the “small” things, day-in and day-out, you achieve consistent inner harmony, pursue expressing your full potential, and enable inner growth to become the mindset that is a part of your every moment, which raises your consciousness to you, your inner core, and gets you to face everything from the heart, with love and openness to learning and looking for new ways to accomplish anything you wish from within.

Inner Growth Exercise of The Day 16 – The Power That Comes With Knowing Your Truth From The Heart

Exploring the power that comes with knowing your truth from the heart; acknowledging the external and accepting it from the heart; how inner growth involves your inner core’s balance with working with what it has in life; why through this inner harmony and unlocking of unlimited potential you identify more of your truth, as well as the opportunity to be completely empowered and your self-master through the acceptance of your truth from the heart without the need of the external, simply within respect of the external’s way so that you may continue to grow from within, reach higher heights, and share the same opportunity with the world around you.

Inner Growth Exercise of The Day 15 – Who’s Listening…Are You?

Exploring who’s listening through inner growth; why it’s important to raise your consciousness and awareness to if you are listening to you and if so, from where: your inner core and heart or the external; why you want to pursue listening to you with unconditional love and neutrality, as well as share the same with others; and the huge difference this inner growth listening skill brings to your life, success within (with inner harmony and self-love) and without (with others, the work you do, and the change you can bring to the world).

Inner Growth Exercise of The Day 14 – The Importance Of Going Beyond Differences

Exploring the importance of going beyond differences; how it evolves as you go through the inner growth journey and process; why there’s no set limit, but instead a raising of consciousness and awareness towards the limits set ideas on differences bring forth; the need to work through going beyond differences from the heart, for you and for the world as a whole.

Inner Growth Exercise of The Day 13 – Being Attentive Of The Words You Speak Through Inner Growth

Exploring being attentive of the words you speak through inner growth; various things to keep in mind that are a part of the multi-layeredness of being human and that help you understand your words, the why’s and what for’s of that, which we speak; the importance of awareness to the hurts that need your unconditional love for you to resolve them and work towards becoming whole, and not hurtful towards others; what’s the difference in your life when you raise your awareness to your inner core (heart) and explore your reasons for words; and why as you choose inner growth and unconditional love you lead towards a more productive, beneficial, and successful choice of words in any area of your life.

Inner Growth Exercise of The Day 12 – Dealing With Contrasting Views, Challenges, and Inner Conflict

Exploring dealing with contrasting views, challenges, and inner conflict; what you gain from approaching each with an inner growth mindset; how your personal inner growth journey and where you’re at in that journey affect what specific takeaways you’ll experience in the moment; and how as long as awakening to your inner core (heart, the essence of you) and raising your consciousness of you is your priority, focus and purpose of exploration; you’ll always expand your potential and harness more of your true power to lead your life from within, from the heart, the essence of you, and with the unlimited potential you embody.

Inner Growth Exercise of The Day 11 – Expanding Your Horizons Through Inner Growth

Exploring expanding your horizons through inner growth; how it begins with a strong heart-felt awareness of you or an inkling; what happens to lead you to inner growth which gets you to start seeing there’s a beyond to your horizon; and how you want to start your expansion with those heart-felt and passion-driven projects, even your childhood ones, to slowly see how inner growth completely transforms your horizons to unlimited potential and opportunities.