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Inner Growth Exercise of The Day 259 – Inner Growth Is A Way Of Life With A Shift In Awareness

Exploring how inner growth is a way of life with a shift in awareness; what this shift means for you, the consciousness you can bring forth, the heart of you, and the external; how growing from within grows also awareness of all that is in front of you, which widens the shifts that take place; and why this shift in awareness contributes to the infinite possibilities that can lie ahead with the unknown of life that is always a part of the picture.


Inner Growth Exercise of The Day 258 – There’s More To You Than Being A Part Of The Societal System

Exploring how there’s more to you than being a part of the societal system; what this means to the essence and heart of you; what it means through acceptance of the system while pursuing inner growth with things that bring to surface inner conflict; why it’s a choice of raising your consciousness to you, the essence of you and heart, the higher unlimited potential of you; and how this ascension, awakening to heart, and leading with heart and inner growth brings forth an expansion to our societal system that assists in creating a new one that embraces and includes the unique essence and heart of all.

Inner Growth Exercise of The Day 257 – Making The Unknown Conscious Through Inner Growth

Exploring making the unknown conscious through inner growth; how darkness/light, unknown/known, unconscious/subconscious/conscious are a part of this exploration; what inner growth brings to this infinite raising of consciousness of the essence of you, the essence of life, the essence and unlimited potential of all that the mind and heart conceive, work through, understand, transform, and expand; the amazing discoveries that unfold as this inner growth mindset approach takes place every time the unknown presents itself; how and why the system in place, the external, helps to pursue this raising of consciousness, which in the absence of opposites would not take place; and why once you begin this inner growth journey the unlimited potential you can arrive at in what you transform for the harmony and love.

Inner Growth Exercise of The Day 256 – Awareness To All Of You In The Toughest Of Times

Exploring awareness to all of you in the toughest of times; what the external has to do with uncovering all of you; why tough times is where awareness rises; how inner growth gets you to go to the depths of you, connect mind and heart, and know all of the pieces involved in these moments; what different levels of consciousness contribute; and how you always choose how far you’ll go with awareness to all of you even in the absence of tough times.

Inner Growth Exercise of The Day 255 – Adapting To A New You That Adds To Your Quality Of Life

Exploring adapting to a new you that adds to your quality of life; why a “new” you comes about with the notion of adding to your quality of life; how duality is what gets eventually released and transformed; the phases or different experiences with resistance and/or tug of war disappearing from within and the “new” you becoming observer, learner (of you), and potential for upping the level of consciousness and heart-mind-essence-external connection, as well as inner harmony; how the unknown, uncertainty, and life meaning play their part in this process of adaptation; and what neutrality and impartiality bring to the “new” you and your quality of life.

Inner Growth Exercise of The Day 254 – Taking Things One Step At A Time

Exploring taking things one step at a time; how this is applicable to your inner growth journey; how in-depth and on the surface approaches to life differ in what they bring to consciousness and what is left in the subconscious/unconscious; why processing one aspect at a time of what surfaces helps you get to a place of inner security and unconditional love that provides the patience and understanding necessary to persevere on your inner growth journey, leading with heart, and tapping in to your higher unlimited potential in life, in all areas.

Inner Growth Exercise of The Day 253 – Pursuing Your Life Desires Through Inner Growth

Exploring pursuing your life desires through inner growth; how life desires bring to you the opportunity for conscious living in many life moments, throughout your day-to-day and overall life; what makes pursuing life desires exciting once inner growth is part of the process; how ongoing pursuits are one of the best ways you can gain access and grow your higher unlimited potential; what neutrality and duality look like in pursuit of your life desires and why the two differ; and how it’s always your inner heart and mind connection that does the talking and chooses what’s next for your life desires and inner growth journey.

Inner Growth Exercise of The Day 252 – Different Types Of Choices From The Heart

Exploring different types of choices from the heart; how inner growth helps you get to the heart to the depths of you; what types of choices from the heart take place without going in-depth; how unconditional love and trust in heart and you are a part of what type of heart-felt choice comes forth; what these differences can reveal when looked at by raising your consciousness to them from the heart and with inner growth in mind; how managing inner conflict from the heart and essence of you with the human components is only the beginning; and the difference between long-term choices from the heart through inner growth versus short term ones.

Inner Growth Exercise of The Day 251 – Finding Your Sweet Spot Within Through Inner Growth

Exploring finding your sweet spot within through inner growth; the different levels of inner growth depending if you’re just starting or if you’re still dealing with duality, or if you’ve moved on to a space of neutrality and unlimited potential; the difference inner contemplation makes with inner growth in mind when faced with inner conflict and the opportunity to choose inner growth (once you raise your consciousness to that very opportunity through your inner explorations); and how your heart, life, unconditional love, and flow play a part in this process as you become more conscious of all of you, your inner power for transformation and heart-felt choices, and the truth of what it means to find complete inner harmony with what is, as is, to then bring about another way of transforming things within and consequently also without (in the external, your outer world).

Inner Growth Exercise of The Day 250 – There’s Finite You and Then There’s Infinite You

Exploring how there’s finite you and then there’s infinite you;  how it’s all accessible to you from your raising of consciousness to you, quality of life experiences you pursue, and the unconditional love of life choices you make; what duality and neutrality have to do with finite and infinite; how inner growth gets you to access the infinite you and get to know the finite you; and what difference this makes in how you process each finite and infinite life moment that surfaces from the unknown and the higher unlimited potential of you, your heart centered and unconditional loving self, and life.