You affect change through your everyday actions

“It is not by stomping your feet to the ground that you affect change, it is by leading it through your everyday actions, how you treat others; ultimately, what you share with the world.” ~ FNM

There are many who believe that loudness is what makes a difference when it comes to change; and although it grabs the attention needed to get people to open up their ears to important topics, become aware of issues at hand; the only way things become…is by being; this means, by individuals putting these beliefs into practice completely, all the way through.

If you promote love and peace, for example, this means you share it every day, every minute, with every person; not just a select few and not just once every now and then or when it’s because of the right circumstances and the people you decide are “deserving” of it.

It’s easy to say, I support love and peace; to hold rallies and organize groups; but it is by each individual of those groups sharing peace and love at all times that our societies and world will change.

Loudness gets us only so far, and when individuals do not also bring about the change they want to see through their everyday life actions, thoughts and words; this “loudness” ends up being a two sided argument (or more sided argument depending on the number differing views/perspectives on one topic), not a change for the betterment of humanity, a united humanity that shares love.

Humanity means all of us.  Some say this is utopistic, and it is exactly what it will be, until people continue to think it is.

It is our beliefs that lead us to the unlimited or limited potential we may unleash within each one of us, as an individual, and within humanity at large, as a group of people on this planet.

Loudness, being heard, is the seed to get awareness; but how the seed blossoms into a flower is the everyday care you take of it to help it grow.




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