Let’s talk about facing your fears and inner growth

When it comes to fears, we all have them.  Some people seem to easily overcome them, others think they have overcome them and still others have a hard time overcoming them.  When you’re looking to find yourself, and follow your heart, your fears have a bit of a hold on you and this can be frustrating.  So, why is it that even though you’re on a path towards self-completion it’s so hard to get past those fears or why is it that when you think you’ve overcome them, they come back out of the blue?

As humans who live in a world where uncertainty is one true certainty, it becomes quite obvious why fears are a part of our life’s journey.  The unknown can be scary and even if we didn’t want to think about it that way, just take a look at a commercial and see what fears it preys on to get you to “need” their product or service.

If that’s not enough, think about existentialism and all that has been written about that.  Humans think about life or they don’t think about it, but what is after life is different for each person; and even if each individual has their belief, the way your life could play out or not is still something that can bring a high level of concern.

We are conscious of life and about the end of life; but then we’re given “life tools” that direct us in living that life according to the beliefs of others.  Some parents tell their children to choose their own path based on what they feel inside; yet the way uncertainty is dealt with (in everyday life) isn’t always in the pursuit of faith in life.  It’s taken as sad, hard or unfair and so on.  It’s not presented as something that happens, but that is ok and can be overcome.  With this type of surrounding and our own sense of loss (when it comes to uncertainty), it’s only normal that even though we pursue inner growth, we have fears that come into play.

The best thing you can do when it comes to fears is to be aware of them and to be understanding with yourself.  The last thing you want to do is judge yourself for being afraid.  Let that fear come out and let it tell you what’s so scary.  You should also know that fears have multiple layers because some of them are so deeply rooted within us that to get passed them it will take peeling away at those layers one by one.  Also, if you’ve been used to reacting a certain way to something for so long, you can’t expect yourself to overcome it in one night.  I mean it could happen, but if it doesn’t that is understandable since the only way to transform something is to do it over and over again in that “new” way you’ve decided on.

Knowing who you are, including your fears, is how you can reach that inner growth you’re pursuing, that higher potential you feel is inside of you that you know you can obtain.  It takes you believing in yourself and deciding what you believe in day after day for you to achieve the level of harmony you want.  This means not thinking you’re not where you should be because that fear you thought you were over represents itself down the line.

It’s not easy because fears are scary, that’s why they’re called fears.  It takes all your belief in you and life, and hopefully a good support system, to say to yourself, I know I can overcome this fear, I know that it isn’t going to hurt me and that there’s nothing to be afraid of.  It also depends on what you believe in; this is why those who have faith in something non-tangible are able to get through certain fears while others aren’t.  The thing is, we’re in a physical (tangible) world and since the unknown isn’t tangible anything that isn’t tangible and you can’t see is that much harder to believe in and put faith in.

One thing that is tangible is you and getting to know yourself in and out, with all the layers you are made of (your fears, societal and psychological influences, your upbringing, your belief system, your culture, etc.) is what will help you to overcome those fears, layer after layer.  The time it takes is unknown, but what it takes is you believing you can; and you wanting to do whatever it takes to reach that internal peace and harmony you’re striving to obtain through your inner growth journey.


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