Helping others to find their own way and stop being echoes of ego-driven leaders

Leading the way to me means guiding the way with inner growth in the forefront; and when I think of a true leader, I think of someone who supports and guides others to find their own way and believe in themselves.  Too often I see the title leader ascribed to individuals that aren’t promoting individuals to do things their own way.  The reason for this is quite clear, a good number of people want to feel secure about the steps they take in their life, career, relationships, etc.

We’re raised to trust experts and those who are wiser than us due to their greater number of years in living life, their experience; and up until a certain age we definitely need that guidance.  We also need a foundation that we can work from before we venture off into our own thing; but too often people simply replicate what others have taught them without looking within for their own way.

With this type of dynamic, it is only normal to see leaders who state the way versus show the way while making sure it’s clear that each way should adapt to what the person feels is in tune with them.  Being told the way and following that specific “way” doesn’t push for inner growth or exploration.  Not everybody is looking to pursue that path, but when we look back at the great leaders we find one thing in common (with all of them): their natural tendency to support others through guidance that includes making individuals aware of their own great value, and the great value in their own thoughts and own ways.

I know I’ve touched on the topic in another blog post, but it’s because this topic is quite important.  Without people becoming aware of the fact that they should rely on themselves when making decisions, they will continue to make decisions that don’t necessarily resonate with them and they won’t even be aware of it (or at least not consciously) because they’re not questioning anything from the inside.  They’re echoing what they see on the outside as the “right” choice, the successful way.

An ego-driven leader will work wonders in making his/her impact, but he/she will not make an inner growth impact on anyone; yet it’s not his/her job to think about that.  Each of us lives our own dreams, our own life; it’s only normal.  Also, the path of least resistance is the one many people will choose over the opposite; and those leaders become leaders because of those people who are avoiding the challenging path.  People who are scared of making the wrong decisions, of not knowing the “right” answers, of not succeeding because of their own choices; these individuals will choose a thousand times over, someone who will tell them what to do, hence ego driven leaders are born.

Knowing the way without testing it and possibly making a mistake is a lot less stressful than having to venture out on your own.  I get it, I’m sure you get it, I think everyone gets it; but let’s help each other to know that it’s ok to make mistakes and it’s ok to look inside for your answers and your own unique way.  Actually, let’s make it know that this process is quite important for inner growth and for reaching our fullest potential.  When doing things from our own heart or when trying to tune in to our heart, we learn a lot of amazing things about ourselves and we begin to notice the things that really fit with us versus the ones that don’t.

Each of us on this planet is special and has something to share, the only way we can tune in to that is to look inside.  These ego-driven leaders do their part in helping people feel motivated, confident and obtain successes along the way that strengthen them and essentially, will hopefully prepare them to then take the next step: to look inside themselves and start leading in their own unique way.  But without someone around them that points out inner growth, inner action, inner exploration, these individuals may never venture off on that route and will continue to lead a life that is really only half of who they truly are and can be.  Is it a big deal or the end of the world?  No, but if we can make that difference, be a leader who promotes inner growth, makes it important to do things your own way, not “my” way; maybe one day we’ll have made a very big difference in the life of some of these individuals.

What are your thoughts on ego-driven leaders and people choosing the path of least resistance?


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