Tag: making your own decisions

The struggle in deciding based on your belief and what others believe

I wrote a couple blogs on making decisions a while back (like plus five years ago) and how one of the biggest dilemmas we face is knowing if we are making the ‘best’ decision ever or not. Today I want to expand on making decisions, but with a focus on your belief; particularly, when others have something different to say about what you believe in and the decisions you’re looking to make based on those beliefs. It is a struggle I think everyone faces at some point or another in their life.

The inner growth that can come from a compromise

The beauty of thought and self-exploration in the pursuit of inner growth and/or balance and harmony in life is the limitless possibilities you have. What angle you can take on anything you’re thinking about goes beyond our imagination. And thanks to the world that surrounds you, you are able to see, integrate or compare different perspectives, which all help you to expand that limitless potential you have. In this amazing experience, compromises are also something that can make you reflect, grow and expand your perspective.

Helping others to find their own way and stop being echoes of ego-driven leaders

Leading the way to me means guiding the way with inner growth in the forefront; and when I think of a true leader, I think of someone who supports and guides others to find their own way and believe in themselves. Too often I see the title leader ascribed to individuals that aren’t promoting individuals to do things their own way. The reason for this is quite clear, a good number of people want to feel secure about the steps they take in their life, career, relationships, etc.