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Great Leadership…

Life Bubble - photo by FNM

At the heart of great leadership is a curious mind, heart, and spirit. – Chip Conley


Helping others to find their own way and stop being echoes of ego-driven leaders

Leading the way to me means guiding the way with inner growth in the forefront; and when I think of a true leader, I think of someone who supports and guides others to find their own way and believe in themselves. Too often I see the title leader ascribed to individuals that aren’t promoting individuals to do things their own way. The reason for this is quite clear, a good number of people want to feel secure about the steps they take in their life, career, relationships, etc.

What’s so scary about leading with your own voice

As an observer of human behavior in different circumstances, from in person to person interactions, business related events, to social media interaction; I’ve noticed a repeat pattern: the need for many to find their voice through others.

When businesses really care about building relationships or the opposite

It’s safe to say that people engage in relationships with people they resonate with or have a good feeling about. For those who have relationships with people that don’t make them feel good or that they don’t like is another topic in itself; but self-worth and gaining something from the relationship are two thoughts that come to mind.