You are unique no matter what anyone else says

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The beauty of people is that each one of us sees things with different eyes (from a different place); no two people experience the same event in exactly the same way.  Yes, there are generalized ideas, feelings, human behavior traits, thought processes and experiences that we talk about when addressing humans and life.  However, if you dive deep into the situation and deep inside each individual that’s been through it, you’ll find a whole different story.

Let me ask you this, have you ever noticed how a group of people who get along, share similar interests, and even viewpoints in the general scheme of things, can get into a heated discussion over a TV show or when talking about moral choices, right and wrong, etc.?

It’s safe to say, I think, that we’ve all had these types of heated discussions (at least once in our lifetime so far), and while at a glance they aren’t that meaningful, when you look beyond the surface it’s quite the contrary.

The tiny details make a difference and tell you a lot more about the person or people you’re talking to; even if it seems like you’re all saying the same thing, you’re obviously not if the conversation gets heated. 

Nothing wrong with discussions, the point is that those tiny differences are the unique components of each of us.  Each individual is truly unique even though they may fall into a generalized category of human being.

The reason I say this is that even though sometimes heated discussions can arise from assigning different meanings to the same word or because two people aren’t really listening to each other; other times it’s really the fact that the two or more individuals have a different perspective and feeling associated to that thing (thought, choice, situation, etc.) they’re talking about.  They’ve lived it differently and they come at it differently, even if the foundation is the same.

A perfect example would be siblings or better yet twins.  Raised at the exact same time, same circumstances, same values passed on, same parents or family situation and yet, miniscule differences in how they experienced what took place in their lives growing up, and differences in interpretation of things as they get older.  I’d like to add that I’m speaking from experience, I’m an identical twin.  Also, from experience is the objections I get for what I’m saying in this blog post.  I can’t even count the number of people (friends and family) that have said to me that even though it seems we’re saying something different, we’re actually saying the same thing.

It’s not that people can’t say the same thing, while saying something different.  The end result may be that we all want world peace, but how we go about doing it would eventually prove that we each have a slightly different idea of how we’d go about it.  These differences are the proof of the uniqueness each individual has compared to others.  Does it really make us that different from one another when you look at the big picture?  Not necessarily, but if you’re pursuing inner growth and/or inner exploration, these differences are important.  They’re important in helping you to identify the real you, your unique perspective, your slightly different approach to things; and essentially, being aware that although you are part of a whole (society and humans) that you do have your own unique perspective, feelings, and take on things; and you know what, your uniqueness is what adds to the whole, and makes the world an even more beautiful place.

It’s thanks to each individual’s uniqueness that the world can become more understanding of each other, go beyond the surface, create amazing businesses and things together.  It’s thanks to the insights shared in those so called “tiny” differences (even if someone will say that everyone is saying the same thing) that we each grow.  It’s thanks to the discussions that arise and the brainstorming that takes place between individuals that the world becomes more open and loving towards differences; and why humans are moving more and more towards a path of inner growth and self-discovery instead of clinging on to a definition of who they are or who they’re supposed to be.

No matter what anyone says, each one of you, each one of us, is unique although on the surface it may not seem so.  Be proud of your uniqueness and if you’re not really sure what they are just yet, you’ll surely uncover them as you start taking a closer look at what you’re saying in some random discussion or brainstorming situation.

What do you think?  Are you unique even though you share similar traits to others or do you identify yourself and others to be part of a defined group of people?

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