Thanks and Giving after Thanksgiving

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Even though Thanksgiving Day has passed, what we do in preparation for this holiday and its week should be something we try to do everyday.  When we think about the fact that the day after Thanksgiving is Black Friday, which implies shopping, even though at a high discount, we realize what we have versus others.  The simple act of having a day dedicated to shopping is, or should be, another reminder of what we can be grateful for in our lives.

From previous posts this Thanksgiving Week we saw how 925 million people go hungry

Roses-Love-Giving – photo by FNM (luna12780)

and how a high percentage of the world’s population is homeless.  Now imagine all the people in these two categories and Black Friday.  I am sure the one thing they’re trying to figure out on that Friday is how to get food and shelter for the next days or weeks, how to feed their children, how to survive in this world.  Further analysis will underline that a part of the people who are a part of the Black Friday culture are even luckier compared to those people in developing countries where famine and disease, even war, is a part of their daily lives and what they try to avoid.

Tree of life – photo by FNM (luna12780)


Once again, today, as yesterday, and the day before, and pretty much every day of the year, we should remember to give thanks, to not take for granted, and to appreciate all we have.   I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving Week and that you, as I, will keep on living the spirit of “thanks-and-giving” every day.FNM


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