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Thanksgiving Day is here and hopefully most families and friends are home preparing traditional dishes, starting with the turkey, mashed potatoes, corn and ending with cranberry sauce. The history of Thanksgiving tells us a story of thanks and sharing, although, as we know, the full story isn’t all rosy. Yet, in these hard times filled with conflicts and uncertainty, we can be thankful for healthy meals, hot baths, comfortable beds and routine days. I say routine days because unlike other countries where cities are bombed and in turmoil, ours are seldom destroyed, even though we too have had our fair share of natural disasters and other problems that have brought pain and hardship to members of our community.

Thanksgiving Day Turkey – photo by FNM (luna12780)

With this I want to say, “Thank you to God and humanity for the hope you give me, for the strength and positive spirit I see and have each day; for people who love endlessly and unconditionally, and for the good fortune of being born in a loving family that supports me and helps me, for friends and health, food and shelter. I am lucky to live, to see the blue or grey sky, to walk and write. I am grateful for inspiration and the opportunity to touch other’s lives and hopefully add to them in the most positive ways. There is so much more I am thankful for, but I will leave it at that and ask you to share with me, your loved ones, and the world, at least one thing you are thankful for (not only on this Thanksgiving Day, but whenever you can remember to do so).”

Rainbows always inspire hope and joy – photo by FNM (luna12780)

I want to end my post with a list of links to sites that help others for inspiration and/or future volunteer or interest purposes (not that you can’t find organizations and events on your own, but sometimes it is nice to start off with an already present list and go from there):
Charities and Messages
Free Thanksgiving Day Meal Event



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