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Thanks and Giving after Thanksgiving

Even though Thanksgiving Day has passed, what we do in preparation for this holiday and its week should be something we try to do everyday.  When we think about the fact that the day after Thanksgiving is Black Friday, which implies shopping, even though at a high discount, we realize what we have versus others.  The

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Thanksgiving Day Thanks

Thanksgiving Day is here and hopefully most families and friends are home preparing traditional dishes, starting with the turkey, mashed potatoes, corn and ending with cranberry sauce. The history of Thanksgiving tells us a story of thanks and sharing, although, as we know, the full story isn’t all rosy. Yet, in these hard times filled

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Thanksgiving Week and Thankful

Day 3 of Thanksgiving Week and Thankful is where I want to say, “Thank you God, cosmos, destiny, forces of life and all for blessing me with shelter, food and comforts.  Tough times are not absent in my life, but for now I still have the basic needs that 925 million people don’t have.  I

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