The Best Decisions Ever Made


Have you ever wondered, what is the best decision  (are the best decisions) you have ever made, could make or would want to make? Is there a right or wrong way to decide what is best? How do we know if our decisions are right for us or not? These types of questions are what come to mind when trying to figure out and/or deciding what path to take to get back home, if we should accept gifts from strangers, what to do after high school, what to do after college, how to find a job, what job to accept, family, marriage, kids and so much more.

Lost in Thought - photo by FNM (luna12780)

The list of decisions in our lifetime is endless. Until the day we die a part of living will include deciding. As humans we think, we acknowledge, we are aware of ourselves and others, we ask questions when confronted with even the tiniest of forked roads. Institutions and beliefs, such as religion or atheism, philosophy and science, are decisions our species has made; whether due to experience or to give a reason to life, they were made to supply themselves and us with answers or plausible explanations of something. If decisions are made at such a large scope and go so far back in time; we know that each and every one of us, as humans, are also confronted with this situation of decision making. In fact you might be saying, “Yes, exactly! Now get to the point!”

Well, the questions asked at the beginning of this piece want to highlight a particularity of this process, the thought that goes through our mind of if we have made the best ever made and/or right or wrong decision(s). One of the biggest dilemmas with decision making for individuals is the certainty if what they are deciding is best or not. There is a good reason for our preoccupation, but at the same time this idea and query also takes a lot of our energy. In today’s world, at least in the so called “developed” countries, where competition and comforts are present, we try to figure out what way to stay on top, how to make it, but not only by surviving. When we say “make it” we mean it in the sense that we want to live a comfortable life like the one portrayed to us in TV, the movies, or lived by our neighbors, families and friends.

“How can I make the best decision so that I may make it in this life, have comforts, no stress or anxiety, or lack of anything I see that is obtainable and almost required to be “normal”, “fit in” and not an outcast in my society?”

Your Decision Your Opinion - photo by FNM (luna12780)

This need to be able and live in our overpopulated and lack of jobs world brings much stress into ensuring a successful result from our decision. Unfortunately there is no way to know what our decisions will bring, creating even more burden in our minds and lives. For this reason one of the best ways to decide this is by making a decision that we believe best, to accept the consequences of our decisions, but to always remember why we made it at the time. We can not control our future the way we wish we could. We can not predict what we do not know yet, but we can know what we are living, feeling, and thinking at the moment we decide to go one way or do that one thing.

As you can tell from the long post, this topic is quite lengthy and I do not want to lose your attention (or at least not just yet). Furthermore I would like to make a list of different ways you can deal with your query, as well as give you a list of tips on how you can do your best to make that “best decision ever” for YOU. Therefore keep your eyes open for part 2 and the other continued posts from this first one. In The Best Decisions Ever Made Part 2 I will continue exploring our decision making process by providing you with various decision making theories.  These will hopefully assist you in understanding the complex nature of this daily task.  A third part will also follow, The Best Decisions Ever Made Part 3, and it will discuss the rational egotism principle; hopefully concluding the topic (at least for now) with one solution to your (our) dilemma.


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